Forthcoming Short Works

flower field

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

2021. May. “The Peeler” and “Salutogenesis.” Winamop.

2021. Jun. “Bleary-Eyed While Fired Up.” Fictional Café.

2021. “Not Rumpelʹštílʹcxen.” Bewildering Stories.


2021. Apr. “Long Ago on a Halfway Hill,” “Protecting Your Yahoo,” and “The Klaxon Sound of Yom Hashoah.” Winamop.


2021. May. “Adopted by Aliens,” “Abetted by a Need to Know,” “Palms2,” “Again, Spring,” “Urban Landscape,” and “Dear Ones.” Winamop.

2021. May. “Pink Blossoms” and “Sorting.” The Hunger.

2021. Apr. “Purple Cat2,” “Crazy Daisy,” “Blooms of Spring,” “Today is Forever Tomorrow’s Yesterday,” and “Those Intricate Pastel Patterns.” Winamop.

2021. Apr. “Path.” West Wind Arts.

2021. Apr. “Speed Dating,” “Hypnic Jerk,” and “Extraterrestrial BBQ.” BLACK PETALS.

2021. Apr. “Leaded Glass” and “Late Snow.” The Front Porch Review.

2021. “Selecting among Possibilities,” “Blind Alleys,” “Catalyst,” “During Allegorical Surveys,” and “Emergent.” Academy of the Heart and Mind.

2021. “Craft of Writing,” and “Culture.”42 Stories Anthology.

2021. “The Real Thing,” “After Paul Revere,” and “Unanticipated Difficulties.”Boston Accent Lit.