Forthcoming Short Works

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

2021. Jun. “Awful Aim.” Winamop.

2021. Jun. “Bleary-Eyed While Fired Up.” Fictional Café.

2021. May. “The Peeler” and “Salutogenesis.” Winamop.

2021. May. “Partula's Aspiration” Bewildering Stories.

2021. “All Manner of Sunshine.” Rpt. from Natural Jewish Parenting. Sep. 2011, and from Sweet and Sour: Womanly Thoughts. Seashell Books. Bowling Green, KY. 2021. 9-11. Bewildering Stories.


2021. “Bloviatring,” “Sadhana,” and "Synecdoche." Across the Margin.


2021. Jul. “Sail Away” and “Sleeping Again.” Black Petals.

2021. Jul. “Beside Wild Roses,” “Best Friend Forever,” “Like a Poem Written,” “Proud to be a Pig,” “Guess,” “I'll Paint You a Picture,” “All the Way Home,” “Sitting Quietly,” and “Lifetimes.” Yellow Mama.

2021. Jul. “Yup. Blossoms” and “Summer Heat.” The Front Porch Review.

2021. Jun. “Alpine Trees,” “Beachy,” “Eucalyptus3,” “Limes,” “Palm2,” and “Thorns.” Winamop.

2021. May. “Caterpillar March.” NOVUS.

2021. May. “Adopted by Aliens,” “Abetted by a Need to Know,” “Palms2,” “Again, Spring,” “Urban Landscape,” and “Dear Ones.” Winamop.

2021. May. “Pink Blossoms” and “Sorting.” The Hunger.

2021. Apr. “Path.” West Wind Arts.

2021. “Covered with a Leotard.” The Hunger.

2021. “Selecting among Possibilities,” “Blind Alleys,” “Catalyst,” “During Allegorical Surveys,” and “Emergent.” Academy of the Heart and Mind.

2021. “Craft of Writing,” and “Culture.”42 Stories Anthology.

2021. “The Real Thing,” “After Paul Revere,” and “Unanticipated Difficulties.”Boston Accent Lit.