Forthcoming Short Works

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

2021. Oct. "The Quiet of Words." Winamop.


2021. Nov. “Ouzel.” Conceit Magazine.

2021. Nov. “Muir” and “Dido.” Amulet Poetry Magazine.

2021. “Interpersonal Exchanges Sour” and “General Speech Acts and Emotional State Verbs.” Bewildering Stories. Rpt. from Flames and Fire. Seashell Books. Bowling Green, KY. 2021.


2021. Fall. “Growing Anyway.” Remington Review.

2021. Oct. “Beach Flora,” “Beneath a Fig Tree,” “Budgies,” “Canyon,” “Goat,” “Horizon6”, “Rooming at Sky Level,” and “Train Tracks. The Academy of the Heart and Mind

2021. Oct. “Autumnal Flower,” “Autumnal Flower2,” “Bang2,” “Bursting,” “Distant,” “Flower Cycle4,” “Heavenly Pixels,” “The Mage’s Incomplete Solace.” Winamop.

2021. Oct. “Air Fish.” The Front Porch Review.

2021. Sep. “Horizon Line2” and “Malibu Sunset.” The Broken City.

2021. Sep. “Abstracted Hillside” and “Cool Copper Coin.” Spark!

2021. Sep. 13. “Dawn.” Piker Press.

2021. "Vessels for the Way Home." Fish Food.

2021. “Craft of Writing,” and “Culture.”42 Stories Anthology.

2021. “The Real Thing,” “After Paul Revere,” and “Unanticipated Difficulties.” Boston Accent Lit.