Forthcoming Short Works

flower field

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010


2017. Dec. "Fences and Neighbors." Winamop.


2018. Mar. 14. "Social Tesserae." The Voices Project.

2017. Dec. 18. "Or by Inland Lakes." vox poetica.

2017. "Omitting Sounds," "Tending Her Rows," and "Things that Chew." Placeholder Magazine.

2017. "Lacrimination," and "Succor." Pink Girl Ink.


2018. Feb. "Fall," "Pain2," and "Self-Loathing." Tuck.

2017. Dec. "Jungle Book Links" and "Lake Springtime." Spark!

2017. Dec. "Up," "Cyclamens," "Sunny Wildlife," "Artichokes and Friends," "January Harvest," and "Cactus Flower." Peacock Journal.

2017. "Miniature Worlds." Pink Girl Ink.