Developing Short Works

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2014

Developing Nonfiction:

"Saggy Skin's Beauty Queen Prose"
"Thirty-Four Years or so, Give or Take a Shoe"

In Progress:
"About those Diapers and Diplomas"
"Instead of a Day Job"
"Not Weighty"

Developing Short Fiction:

"A Time of No Redemption"
"Special Teeth"
"The Hero Code"

In Progress:
"Lower and Lower"
"Pantheon Woman"
"Pets in Space"
"The Road to Amman"

Developing Poetry:

"A Regime of Cells and Their Opposites"
"Adjusting Adverbs"
"Or by Inland Lakes"
"We've Learned It's Moot"

In Progress:
"Omitting Sounds"
"The Pattern in the Keris Blade"