Concatenation Vol. I: Two Legs

Concatenation Vol. I: Two Legs
Bards & Sages Publishing. USA.
November 2017. Forthcoming.

Most problems, upon analysis, prove to consist merely of small, furry critters, which cast grand shadows. It follows, that if we spin to face them, rather than run away, we can understand their parameters and thus can conquer them.

When we’re able to appraise our difficulties, ogres, pretend and otherwise, can’t promote undifferentiated associations among real, virtual, and conspicuously false mores. Since it’s desirable for us to eschew screw-jiggy accountability, we must ignore all villains’ scandalous shrewdness and, alternatively, invite the best machinations of marshmallow factory bosses, of participants in interspecies households, and of galactic groupies to yield, for us, fresh approaches to our indispensable architectures of virtue.

Granted, morally empowering perspectives don’t necessarily transform our beastliness into loveliness, but replacement viewpoints do generate sufficient brass to get us beyond our shock over human cruelty and wickedness; those proffered new outlooks on old twaddle allow us to declaw and defang ours and other people’s dark traits. They allow us to palliate corrupt characteristics long enough to thwart them. More exactingly, literary dissonance helps us to identify and to defeat our psychic monsters as well as helps us to cope with the terrible creepy crawlies that are attendant to other folks.

Alternatives to such investigations and to such steering of our inner parts are poor dodges. We need stories about anthropomorphic amigurumi and about ambivalent, tentacled salesmen if we are to expose and to beat back our worst attributes. Few nonfiction expositions about our mentations, our words, or our deeds stick it to our guts as well as do invented accounts of masquerading lanolin exporters, hard science fiction about alien soldiers standing in enfilade, or cross-genred stories concerning Lilliputian families picnicking in the Horseshoe Galaxy.

Correspondingly, Concatenation might seem like a mild-mannered collection of brief works, but this book is actually a fierce series of eye-openers about our distinguishing qualities. This assemblage is less concerned with the manner in which its heroes face down occupational hazards or romantic troubles than it is with helping its readers realize and remove their own pernicious tendencies. After all, we will always be the most awful fiends in the universe. Fortunately, we have make-believe to help us recognize and route the most sinister of our impetuses.

Preface: The Moral Utility of Reading Make-Believe


The World of Reason

1   The Husband Remaking Machine

2   Car for Sale

3   It’s a Surprise

4   Snowfall

5   Dandelion Fields

6   No Cause to Remain

7   The Inheritance of the Meek

8   Stones: All Trumps Lots

9   Once More with Love

10 Deferring to Family Custom

11 Competitive and Foolish

12 Popcorn

13 Made a Blue

14 In the Thick of Homebirth

15 The Chickweed or the Egg

The World of Labor

1   Recumbent Riches

2   In Gotham

3   An Investigation’s Gestation

4   A Little Information Sharing

5   Deli Slices

6   Straddling: One Woman’s Diyu

7   The Guard: A Middle East Fantasy

8   It Depends

9   Witches, Wizards and Watches

10 Outcursed

11 The Milkmaid’s Prayer

12 Droving away Unpleasantries

13 Wine Cellar Confederates

14 Chandeliers of the Best Quality

15 Just a Bite

The World of Expertize

1   Guess my Vocation

2 Flyer

3   Provisos

4 The Telemarketer

5   Trade Relations in the Horseshoe Galaxy Cluster

6   One of Many Acts

7 Dumpster Blues

8 Silent Findings

9   Elizabeth Steppe and the Observation Car

10 A Few Constructive Observations

11 It is Brain Science

12 Milk Thistle and Fenugreek

13 Today’s Weather: Pleasant, No Change in Temperature

14 On Not Weighing the Moral Turpitudes of Common Man

15 To be Millionaires, We'd Have Gone into Dermatology

The Worlds of AQ Jones, Owmapow, and Dr. L. Whitfield

1   Dalliance on an Egged Bus

2   Taha and Albuquerque

3   Again, on an Egged Bus

4   Of Crustaceans and an Emerging Creative Writer

5   Deep Sea Mothers

6   Owmapow Gets Fired

7   Shredded Pages

8   Consigned to Nothingness

9   Stealing Posies

10 Unexploited Relations

11 Mentioning the Aliens

12 Back to the Gym

13 Remaining Opaque

14 A Certain Visitor

15 Dr. Whitfield’s Dream of Recycling


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