Concatenation Vol. II: Many Legs

Concatenation Vol. II: Many Legs
Bards & Sages Publishing. USA.
November 2017. Forthcoming

Until my imaginary friends excuse me from my punkah wallah duties, I won’t be convinced that they care about my circumstances. Notwithstanding my attraction to their hoard of diamonds, which was formed in Jupiter’s atmosphere, and for which they traded vats of marshmallow fluff to giant, Jovian lobsters, I don’t like that those prickly ones regard me and all other sentients as tosh.  Those bugs’ “best” reaction to the likes of us is usually extreme, prosecutorial misconduct.

Nonetheless, I write about them, as well as about Komodo dragons gone AWOL, and about outlier, gelatinous zebras’ attempts to hide from far galaxies’ carnivorous, three-headed slugs. I’m a storyteller who gets high on adverbs, mixes more metaphors than platypodes have pockets, and attempts to matchmake words like “balderdash” and “xylophone.”

I’d rather swim alongside purple cats and pink elephants than become a dogaresse or a movie star. My greatest satisfaction comes from creating yarns about otherworldly, eukaryotic beings, about polka dotted Otts, and about wee, invisible creatures that mew or spew in the middle of the night.

It’s my belief that we humans need chronicles of beasts, especially collections such as Concatenation, to ferry us across familiar neighborhoods and to deposit us in philosophical umlands, where we can be catalyzed into engaging new ideations or into tasting bamboo-flavored snow. Although notions sheathed in fairy dust, or coated with the rancid blood of pygmy pegasi are more commonplace and, as such, are more readily digestible than are odd prescriptions, strange vehicles are better than familiar ones for getting us to commensurability. Surely it won’t hurt us to look to marauding wombats, or to animated, crystalline chanticleers, to stimulate our tolerance, understanding, and unity.

Since we remain a society of haters who are less than impartial or generous, we win by allowing creative pages help us unknot our offensive presuppositions and dissolve our atrophying prejudices. After all, it’s our companion critters, plus assorted far-flung monsters, that shamelessly bite our brooding ideologies, that fearlessly suck down our blinkered prescriptions, and that audaciously trash others of our multifarious, nocturnal terrors.

No single collection of fiction can solve all of our problems, but Concatenation’s tales will help us process some of them. So, we need to continuing eating our oatmeal and to continue trying to embrace the antics of profligate, spacefaring, illusory hedgehogs. Such beasts’ skippering might help us improve ourselves. In the least, it’ll always be eventful.

Preface: The Antics of Profligate, Spacefaring, Illusory Hedgehogs

Domesticated Others

1   Lacy’s Toe

2   The Dog and the Fence

3   A Thing for Small Fish and Bendy Invertebrates

4   Dull, Scaly Gray Love

5   Earlop’s Secret

6   My Wee Zombie Kitten

7   The Crystalline Chanticleer

8   A Fool, Albeit

9   Sweet Pea

10 Chess and Clarabelle

11 Ring-A-Round the Birthday

12 Ode to a Cockroach

13 Tag

14 Dratted Cat

15 Kalev Liked to Suck the Marrow Best

Wild Beasts

1   That Thermochromic Whatsit

2   The Lemur Cage

3   First, Penguins Driving Mazdas

4   Grit

5   Agent 5764’s Soured Mission

6   Fat Fish: A Penguin’s Tale

7   Tropical Birds

8   Chipmunk Pastures

9   Steps to Knowledge

10 Squamata’s Rumble

11 The Juice of Kumquats

12 Mini Might

13 The Lizard and the Dumpster Cat

14 Matilda’s Morning

15 A Knight’s Round, Table Vegetable

More Sentients

1   Betting on the Outfield

2   Earthly Hosts

3   The Misguided Traveler

4   Old-Fashioned Heroes and New-Fangled Beasts

5   The Problem with the Retlins’ Kind of Wealth

6   Dating and Mating in the Company of Alien Hedgehogs

7   The Martian and the Potter

8   Takes Guts

9   Her Bulbous Eyes

10 Mama Noodle

11 And Tentacles

12 Amazing Deterrents

13 Maneuvering the Facts around Strong Feelings

14 Marvelous Millions’ Associate, Thug Thousands

15 A Reluctant Ecology

Hedgehogs and Their Friends

1   Hedgehogs Démodés

2   Female Troubles

3   A Street-Crossed Lover

4   Illusionary is the Hedgehog’s Strength

5   Ways Atypical

6   Plump and Succulent

7   Woodland Cacophony

8   Erinaceous Behavior

9   Unlike Her Children

10 Haunted by the Ghosts of Hedgehogs

11 If Only They Could See Her Now

12 Mislaid: A Hedgehog’s Nightmare

13 Sylvia from the Amusement Park

14 Daisy Chain

15 Miserable at What the Fluff


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