Imaginary Friends


© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2013

Invisible Hedgehogs, Imaginary Komodo Dragons, and Phantom Kangaroos

By midlife, most gals have earned the right to run with wolves. Some women, however, prefer the company of smaller, cuter beasts.

First of all, the hedgies are invisible. There are enough of them to fill an entire hibernaculum. When they are awake, they enjoy eating marshmallow fluff or shooting miniature meatballs, via slingshots, from the livingroom ceiling.

These tiny creatures love to slide down the banister in mismatched socks, to chew select bits from piles of leftovers, and to otherwise provide Hannah's teenagers with excuses for fresh messes. What's more, these creatures kiss up to Hannah's husband, encouraging him to return to additional bouts of glorified code generation rather than to take out the garbage.

The hedgies have neither names nor numbers as they are accustomed to large and frequent litters and to parachuting off of the Greenbergs' rooftop porch in the company of motorcycle-riding lizards. It's also the case that given the nature of certain of their frequent expeditions into the unknown, they sometimes fail to return.

Without such muses, however, Hannah's writing would likely be stuck in frumpy mode and her essays would sound more like the drone of a rhetoric professor than the silliness of a mom who tries to to make sense out of life's middle years by frying bananas and scallions together and by pushing the resistance level on her elliptical bike.

To wit, the hedgies are culpable for all manners of woodland beasts that populate Hannah's stories and for the assorted, intergalactic beings that peer out from her pages. No writer ought to be without such wonderful make-believe friends.

Second, the Komodo dragon actually belongs to Older Dude, but elected to remain with the rest of the family when Older Dude went off to school. Given that the critter is nineteen feet long and has lethal saliva, he is low maintenance; he orders pizzas in order to snack on the delivery perons. Otherwise, he hunts for random fauna. His name, accoridngly, is Vladimir.

There are no stories, yet about Vladimir as he is a discriminating editor. For the time being, there are only stories about his distant relatives and about chimerea.

Third, nothing is known about the phantom kangaroos. Please report any citings.

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