© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

Some Favorites:

* "Israeli Jasmine, Manicured."The Camel Saloon.
* "Fire and Rain Running: Saying "No" to an Intimate's Manipulations." Madswirl. (scroll down).
* "Penguins in Periwigs." Stride Magazine.
* "Your Knees Remain Extant: Deriding an Internet Hussy." Bewildering Stories.

Current Publications

Aoife's Kiss.
Dec. 2011. "Rorschach Blot Interpreted by an Automated Man." 61.

BACOPA: A Literary Review
2011. May. "Millipedes Matter in Ber Sheva: A Middle Eastern Scenerio." 75.

Bewildering Stories.
2017. Nov. "No More Box Spring Wibbles" and "Jejune Options."
2017. Oct. "Soft Words and Whispers."
2017. Aug. "The Warrior's Mother." Rpt. from Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceties. Unbound CONTENT, 2017 and from Mad Swirl, 2013; "Playing Housewife;" and "Sometimes, Stomachaches."
2017. Mar. "Unblossomed Youths."
2017. Jan. "Laudanum Tinctures."
2016. Oct. "Montgolfier Balloons," "Labile Lady," and "Organics' Revelations." Rpt. A Grand Sociology Lesson.

2015. Jul. "Me and My Lonesome."
2015. Feb. "He Upbraids his Wife."
2015. Jan. "Not Partial to the Purple Falcon" and "Only after Dosing on Vicodin."
2014. Nov."So Many Do-Bees," "Growing Like Lemongrass," and "Vendomatics in Urban Places." Rpt. from The Little Temple of My Sleeping Bag (Dancing Girl Press, Sep. 2014).
2014. Oct.  "The Goody-Goody People." 
2014. Sep."Caught Muskrats."
2014. Jan. "About those Codfish."
2013. Nov. "The Egret Tree South of Haifa,"rpt. from Scribblers on the Roof, "The Fire-Offerings of Israel," and "In a Jerusalem Women's Gym: Jews, Arabs and Ellen's 1,000th Show." rpt. from Supernal Factors. Citrus-Inspired Ceramics. (Aldrich Press, Sep. 2013).
2013. Nov. "I'm so Hungry I Could Sing About It: Empty of Love and Money."
2013. Sep. "In the Little Temple of my Sleeping Bag."
2013. Jun. "Pillow Talk's Expediency."
2013. Apr. "To Eat One More Bouquet of Ethereal Flowers: Doggerel's Flophouse," "Crying on Borrowed Time," and "Tang Rather than Piquant." book review. rpt. from Intelligence's Vast Bonfires. (Lazarus Media, Dec. 2012).
2012. Nov. "Intergalactic Balladeer."
2012. Jul. "Cobbling Books in Ten-Minute Intervals."
2012. Apr.  "Looking Glass: The Costs of Ransoming an Ugly Princess."
2012. Jan. "A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend," "Hurt is to Healing," and "When Lowing Wisents Agitate." Excerpted. A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend.
2011. Sep. "Mama's Mundane Witnessing."
2011. May. "Pit Bulls plus Pigeons." 
2011. May. "Your Knees Remain Extant: Deriding an Internet Hussy."
2011. Mar. "Very Nearly Folly" and "Spring."
2011. Feb. "Coins and Fleas: Committed Beggars."
2011. Jan. "Bucking at Social Mores."
2011. Jan. "Reduced Acuity."
2010. Sep. "Casters of Pornographic Derision."
2010. May. "Past the Halflings’ Village."
2010. Feb. "A Quick Sociology Lesson."
2010. Jan. "I’m So Glad We Took Over," "Citrus-Inspired Ceramics" and "Erudition."

2017. Dec."No Better than Drowned Kittens."

2016. Jun. "Abetted by a Need to Know."

2016. Mar.  "Perspicacious Girls" and "Life's Progressions."

Blue and Yellow Dog, The.
2012. Apr. "The Smell of Water" and "Australian Kennels." 

Blue Jew Yorker, The.
2009. Jan. "An Olah’s Chanukah Habayit."

Boston Accent Lit.
2017. Jun. "Primeval Battles' Lessons."
2016. Jun. "Wild Mama."

2014. Jun. "Online Housewife Evaluations," "Postmenopausal Polar Bears," and "A Middle Age Mom's Response to a Daycare Center's Shenanigans." 6-8.
2012. Dec. "Harmony's Third Chord (a Casbairdne)" and "Not Just Words."
2012. Aug. "Embrocating Beams," "Ash upon Ash," "But Loving You," and "Germane Adolescents." 27-28.
2012. Feb. "Older Girls Ought Not, as Spinsters," "Back in Ulpan," and "Changes in Field Experiments."
2011. Nov. "Launching Space Probes toward the HR Department," "Bucking at Captains" "Empty of Meaningful Intelligence," "Literal Definition," "Squandered Moral Collections," and "Barbacoa on the BBQ."
2011. Aug. "The Resting Place of All Those Bits," "The Best Thing You ever Put Lips Around," "Nibbled to Death by Ducks," and "The Girls Beneath the Furniture."
2011. May. "A Skyjacker's Discovery of a Mad Man's Quem," "Efforts Otherwise Understood," Gan Eden," "Me and Superfool," "Quinoa in my Keyboard," and "His Mistresses' Grandeur astride Common Sense."

Callused Hands.
2010. Jan. "Abseiling from Dreams in Hollywood."
2009. Nov. "Fire Song."

Camel Saloon, The.
2014. Jun. "Geeky Bitterness."
2014. Jun. "Saponaceous Byways."
2014. Nov. "Envied like so Many Flamingos Missing Carotenoid." 2014. Nov."Freaky Frog King."
2014. Oct. "After Twenty Years, Towels Fray."
2014. Sep."Psychological Trials."
2014. Jun. "Even the Rainbow Tank's Fish Saluted."
2014. Jun. "Throughout the Beginning of Social History."
2014. Feb. "Returning to Egypt with a Clean Lute." 2013. Aug. "Donning Tallisms" and "Twinkle Stinking Little Star."
2013. May. Those Intricate Pastel Patterns
2013. Apr. "Quaternary Glaciation in the American Midwest."
2013. Feb. "It's Not About the Sex."
2012. Dec. "The Pantyhose Horrors of Summer Internships."
2012. Aug. "Little Intrusion" and "Plastic Surgery."
2012. Jul. "Day-Old Cakes."
2012. Jun. "You Hushed, Stealthy Looks" and "Whose Brutality."
2012. Apr. "Civilization's ‘Little Words'" and "My Great Anglo Accent."
2012. Mar. "Lucana."
2012. Jan. "Hand-Powered Ventilators."
2011. Dec. "Halfway to Naked" and "Shedding."
2011. Nov. "A Small, Yellow Apple," "High Floaters' Hardship," "Windows of Understanding" and "How the Next Generation Succumbed to the End of Morality."
2011. Oct. "Bedoins in Sunglasses," "Unemployment's Huffs and Puffs" and "Telephone Love of Decades Past (A Carol)." 
2011. Sep. "Speeding on Rosh Hashanah," "Otherwise Strewn with Legends," "Heart-felt Festival," "Stroppy Urchins," "Faith Plus a Little Help" and "Given a Chair."
2011. Aug. "Israeli Jasmine, Manicured."
2011. Jul.  "Death Sentence."
2011. Apr. "When the Dew Coughed,"The Camel Saloon, rpt. from The Lesser Flamingo, March 2010.
2011. Jan. "A Young Coed's Argonaut-Inspired Springtime Fancy."

Camel Saloon Gallery, The.
2012. Mar. "Between Tradition and Deviance on a New Jersey Highway."  
2012. Feb. "Rearing Related Verse: Tending a Rhetorical Zoo."

2009. Oct. "Emotional Kerfuffles: Second Unions," "Some Things are Better Left for Orange-Yellow Bellied Fliers" and "Autoethnographic Writing Down Under." 172-173.

Cat’s Meow, The.
2011. Jul. "Friendship," "Mirage," "My Baby Bangs Pot Lids," "Poplar," and "Downpour."
2010. Sep. "Friendsake."

Certain Circuits.
2012. Oct. "Hey along the Sides."
2012. Apr. "All Manners of Rebellion."

Chabad.org., The Jewish Woman
2008. May. "Airline Aliyah Achdut." (Published as "Airline Aliyah Unity").

Chanticleer Magazine/Ol' Chanty.
2017. Mar. "Unitary" and "Prejudice." With Nancy Ramsey's art.
2015. Oct. "Culling Boojums."
2014. Jun. "Closed Caskets and Bullfinches."
2013. Mar. "Pigeons in Oakland."

Conceit Magazine.
2015. Aug. "Looking at You Looking at Him" and "Characters and Old Crocked Pots." 2.


Conversation Papers, The.

2012. Jun. "Calling Chasmonaim: International Relations Near Jerusalem."

Cynic Online Magazine, The.
2010. Sep. "The Death of Slowpoke."

Danse Macabre.
2013. Apr. "Enough Brittle Leaves: Fingernails on Chalkboards," "Arising to Grasp the Past," "Paper and Kindred Devices," "Candy Corn Castles," "A Meadow Morning's Limitations," and "During Allegorical Surveys."
2012. Dec. "Even Linda Ronstadt Grew a Chin," "Tang Rather than Piquant," and "Can't Nicitate Fast Enough."
2012. Nov. "Joint Beds," "Anteros' Celadon Whirligig: A Lecturer's Antique Lament," and "The Three Dimensions of Decision-Making." 
2012. Oct. "Fug Music," "I Love You, Generally," and Morning Song."
2012. Aug. "Body, Salubrious: An Unexpected Visitor," "After Centuries, the Air Still Felt of Death," "Damages for the Pain: Convergent Media Woes" and "Rusty Memories."
2012. Jul. "Another Dead Goldfish," "Because of a Woodland View," and "Tenancy."
2012. Jun. "Incunabula."
2012. May. "Bent Reeds" and "Small  Avarice and Magnifice."
2012. Apr. "Hardly any Cosmic Answers at the Universe's Hub."
2011. Dec. "Michael's Mnemonics: Restimulating RAMs before Finals," "Poisoning via Toothbrush after ‘Romancing," and "Graphic, Animated Features." Excerpted from: A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend.
2011. Nov. "Dreaming Insurgence during Social Conflagrations," and "Holidays' Fallibility" and "Bleak Ranger."
2011. Aug."When Bus Drivers Heeded Laws," "Encomia," "Spring's Pink and Gold Sunsets," and "Social Evolution,"
2010. Sep. "Bilious Lament: Petulant Words" and "The Amusement Park among the Steel Mills: Reminiscing over Pittsburgh."
2010. Apr. "Droving Last Year’s Love."

Dead Flowers: A Poetry Rag.
2013. Mar. "Sukkot Chicken and Fixings."
2012. Sep. "If Glass, Break Down Words."

Deronda Review, The.
2017. Feb. "Midbar Blue."6.
2014. Mar. "The Center of the Universe."
2013. Jan. "A Failed Test of Emunah: Tomorrow, I'll Eat Watermelon" and "Sway Incarnate." 27, 36.  
2012. Apr. "Grooving the Land, the People." 

Empty Sink Publishing.
2015. Apr."His One Hundred Styles."

Enchanting Verses, The
2012. Dec. "Lamb Chops in Miami: A Chronology of our Shared Lives"

Etc: A Review of General Semantics.
2013. Jan. "Proportional Verse" and "Piaget's Sagacity." 70.1. 72-73. and "Another Win: Political Bedfellows." 74. rpt. from World Salad Online. Oct. 2012.

Every Day Poems.
2013. Oct. "Fruit Loops are never Enough."

Every Writer.
2013. Oct. "Fruit Loops are never Enough." rpt. from Every Day Poems.

Externalist, The.

2008. Nov. "All Guns and Smiles."

2011. Sep. "Useless Head Games." 25.

Fallopian Falafel.
2011. Jun. "Prince's Promises" and "Innocents Enough." 37 and 57.
2011. Feb. ,"Three Pillows." 24.
2010. May. "Unmade Angel." 27.
2009. Aug. "Clinics Can’t Amend."15.

Festival Writer.
2015. Jan. "Essence Walking."

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

Getting Something Read.
2009. Aug. "Hating Men."
2009. Jun. "C’est L’ Amour, N’est Pas."

Greensilk Journal, The.
2009. Nov. "Goldfish Hangover."

Grey Sparrow Journal.
2009. Sep. "To Eat One More Bouquet of Ethereal Flowers: Doggerel’s Flophouse."

Gulper Eel.
2010. Jul. "The Jerusalem Mall."

Gypsy Daughter's Brown Bagazine.
2011. Jun."That Hard or Fibrous Center," "Special Dance" and "Racing Bikes," 16-17
2010. Sep. "Giving Generously to Trust,""Packing for Conferences" and"Eyelash Slipping." 8-9.

Haggard and Halloo.
2013. Jun. "Short Decades of International Conflict." rpt. from Winamop. Dec. 2012.
2012. Dec. "Picot."
2012. Sep. "Ishmael."
2012. Aug. "Sticky Feasts Ought Not to be Second-rate."
2012. Jun. "Cleft from Limestone."
2012. Jan. "Taking Apart a Pixie."
2011. Feb. "Nighttime Evils: Mistaken Urban Learnings."

Halfway Down the Stairs.
2010. Mar. "Wailing Entropy."

The Hamilton Stone Review.
2014. Mar. "Deconstructing Literature's Intercultural Mythos."
2012. Feb. "When Impossible to Select among Rivers."

Jazz Cigarettte.

2010. Jul. "Society’s Dirty Work."

2008. Sep. "Hurt is to Healing" and "Song of Oenomelian."

2015. Mar. "Eventualities." Ken*Again.
2014. Dec. "My Words Preserve," "Alternate Childcare Providers Can't Feel Compelled," and "Feuilletos."
2012. Sep. "Fear Shrouds Me (a Byr a Thoddice)."
2011. Jun. "Fame."
2008. Dec. "Delusions of a Hill Shepherd."

Kleft Jaw Press.
2016. Jan. "Where this Assemblage Succeeds."

Language and Culture Magazine.
2009. Jun. "The Jerusalem that Consumed Us."

Les Femmes Folles.
2017. May. "Lady Beasts Scurrying," and "Mother/Maiden/Crone." With Nancy Ramsey's art.
2016. Mar. "Personal Journeys" and "Right-handed Justification."
2015. Dec. "A Jay and Its Mate," "Getting Sieved," and "Acts of Ethical Communication."

Lesser Flamingo, The.
2010. Mar. "While the Dew Coughed" and "My Chemistry Class." 5-7.
2009. Nov. "Crying on Borrowed Time," "Daddy’s Ankle Biters’ Extravagance" and "26 Shekel: A Cost Analysis of Aliyah."
2009. Sep. "The Swank of Rare, White Swans." 22-24.
2009. Jul. "Ode to Aerosols." 8-9.
2009. May. "Kissy Kinds of Candy," "Kitten" and "Among Seaweed."

Liquid Imagination.
2011. Dec. "Adopted by Aliens."

Literary Hatchet.
2013. May. "Unlike the Teenage Attitude Attributed to the Prime Minister's Dalliance," "No Atlatl's yet been Designed," and "Hatched Loved Ones." 65, 74, 96.

Literary Mama.
2008. Nov. "Natural Balance."

Literary Yard.

2017. Jul. "Safta's Bijou."
2017. Apr.  "Trees Yield."
2015. Dec. "TEOTWAWKI."
2015. Oct. "Some Small Lizards."
2015. Aug. "Words."
2015. Jun. "White Hairs Dance the Zambra."
2015. Apr. "Covered with a Leotard"
2015. Feb. "Voguing with Current Federal Bureaucrats."
2014. Nov. "For Arlene: On Condition of a Smile and a Giggle."
2014. Sep."The Unsustainability of Bugs Tracking Bread Crumbs."
2014. Jun. "Round, Pop, Shout."
2014. Apr. "Contemporary Coupling."
2014. Feb. "Conversation."
2013. Dec. "Certain Parameters."
2013. Oct. "Eating Peas."
2013. Apr. "The Warrior's Mother."
2013. Jan. "Falling Cradleless through Spring's Evening Boughs."
2012. Nov. "The Empyrean, Principality of Young Ages."
2012. Sep. "A June Full of Cherries."
2012. Jul. "Susurration."
2012. May. "Frozen Green Beans on Your Face."
2012. Feb. "If Birds were to be Believed."
2011. Dec. "Articulations Calling Peace."
2011. Nov. "Moving a Divorcee and Her Kids across State Lines." 
2011. Sep. "Permutations which Transform."
2011. Aug. "Fire and Rain Running: Saying 'No' to an Intimate's Manipulations."
2011. Jul.  "A Glossy Coat of Guarantees."
2011. Jun. "Keeping Imaginary Hedgehogs Trim via Liberal Politics" and "The Checkpoint’s Closed."
2011. May. "That Great, Wonderful Boom."
2011. Mar. "Recollections."

Mastodon Dentist.
2012. Feb. "Metamorphoses Enough for All Her Gatekeepers: Moving from Gifted Child to Muted Woman." 1.
2009. Oct. "Familial Wishes for a New Nighttime Traveler." 25.

The Medulla Review.
2012. Nov. "The Real Thing."

The Mind[less] Muse.
2012. Dec. "He Thrives while I'm Exsanguinated."

Mom Writers Literary Magazine.

2009. May. "Nutritional Inconveniences." 73.

Moon Drenched Fables.
2011. Mar. "Decided."

Mother Magazine, The.
2009. Jul. "The Zebra Hoofbeats of Buttercup Boys." 41.
2009. Mar. "There’s a Seam." 33:40.

Muddy River Poetry Review.
2012. May. "Your Warm Stomach."
2010. Nov. "All of the Wisdom That is a Grey Cat's: An Early Morning Soliloquy."
2010. May. "Mutual Spirit Flights."

Mused-the Bella Online Literary Review.
2015. Mar. "Chickaree's Dais."
2010. Dec. "Little Mustangs Among Older Friends."

Mystical Muse Magazine.
2015. Jul. "The Queen Postured." 2.

New Aesthetic.

2011. Feb. "Thelma's Nursing Home," "Crocodile Tears" and "Thirty-Five."

New Bourgeois.
2016. Mar. "HaPupakim."

New Vilna Review, The.
2010. Sep. "Media Malaise: A Perspective from Migrating Parakeets Flocking in Jerusalem’s Cyprus Trees."
2009. Jan. "As Long as We Can Put Nutmeg in our Coffee."
2008. Nov. "The New/Old Land."

Oddville Press.
2009. Jun. "Reserve Duty Shalom." 1.4: 33.

Other Poetry Magazine.
2011. Apr. "On the Hills of Ramot Gimmel." 4.3: 33.

Ozone Park.
2009. Nov. "Yet Israel in the a.m."

2009. Dec. "Some Emotional Hazards."

Pavilion Magazine, the.
2014. Mar. "La! This Joy that is Spring."

Penny Ante Feud
2011. Aug. "One Minute Before Salvation:Yom Hazikaron BeforeYom Ha'atzmaut."10.

Pink. Girl. Ink. Press.
2017. Jul.  "No Need for Chassis," "Belonging to a Certain Bovine Manager," and "The Local Toadstool Malt Shop Revisited."
2015. Sep. "Salivating Away Tension" and "Old-Fashioned Writing Implements' Relative Utility."

2012. Feb. "Natural Progressions."

Plum Tree Tavern.
2017. Jun. "The Hullabaloo of Fruit." With Nancy Ramsey's art.
2016. Apr."That Leucistic Alligator."
2015. Nov."Comic Quiet."

2009. Nov. "The Complete Course of Life" and "I Talk to the Pain." 6-7.

2009. Oct. "A Bra Shop in Har Nof." 52.

Poetry Breakfast.
2017. Mar. "It Felt Sinful Drinking Water." Wr. with Annmarie Lockhart.
2012. May. "Peaches Merit."
2012. Jan. "Gentle Spray."

Poetry Quarterly.
2010. Jan. "An Increase in Voiced Prejudice." 93.

Poetry Super Highway.
2010. Jun. "A Response to a Potential Olah: Foo-Foo Ain't Worth Squat When it Comes to Kavanah."
2009. Mar. "A 1950's Ae Freislighe: How to Get Your Girlfriend Pregnant."
2008. Nov. "Alphabetical Trails," and "Baby Spits Peas."

Poetry Super Highway. Annual Yom Hashoah Issue.
2017. Apr. "Animadversion."

2014. Apr. "Our Quiet Reprisal."
2013. Apr. "Considerations for Yom Hoashoah: Better a Lion's Tail."
2012. Apr. "The Official Shaliach of Jerusalem."
2011. May. "Prolapsed Intelligence: The Delusion Inherent in Failing to Remember Accurately."
2010. Apr. "Facilitating our Remembering of Amalek via Danger Signals."
2009. Apr. "When Bringing the Shoah."

Poydras Review.
2012. Jul. "No Stamps Got Lost."

2012. Apr. "Accounts Due: Reckoning with Trauma."
2011. May. "Goldfish Death."

2012. Dec. "Munchkins in Braids: A High School Perspective."

2013. Apr. "Ah, the Aardvark: Classifying Chaos in an Urban Zoo."
2011. Jan. "Mrs. Moshiach."

2010. Oct. "In the Minds of Guilty Porcupines," and "Ephemerids."

Ranfurly Review, The.
2010. Jun. "Mosquito Bitten." 17.

Really System.
2017. Mar. "Gators Packed like Multinationals."
2016. Jan. "Politics, Like Sardines."
2015. Apr. "Perhaps Whale Neurons: Life-Saving Work."
2014. Sep. "Initially Thrilled to the Idea of Memories."
2014. Apr. "The "Sanctity of Lists," and "Assistance with Quickly Becoming Unbearable."

Remembering Yaakov.
2010. Mar. "Swimming in Shemyim: Jacob Nissim Bensussen."

2013. Jan. "Fears Shrouds Me." Rpt. from Ken*Again. Sep. 2012.

2018. Jan.  "Drinking Pickle Juice."

2016. Jan. "The Elusiveness of a Royal Title."

2015. Jun. "Snowing in Austin."
2015. Jan. "First Showing."
2014. Jun. "Babies in Buggies."
2014. Jan. "Pamela's Poem: Cabbage and Milk Thistle."

SAND Journal.

2016. May. "The Basis for Evil Machinations." 62-63.

Scribblers on the Roof.
2010. Jun. "Not the 32," "Aliyah’s First Anniversary: Forbearance" and "The Egret Tree, South of Haifa."
2010. Mar. "Priests Who Purify," "Origins Hymn" and "Maki at Racaiim."
2010. Jan. "Pharaoh Bathed" and "Am Yisrael Chai."
2009. Oct. "The Yeshiva at the End of the Universe," "In the Room (of the Boy in Kita Bet)" and "Upon the Generations: The Necessity of Prayer in Israel."

Second Hump, The
2014. Jun. "Even the Rainbow Tank's Fish Saluted."  Rpt. from The Camel Saloon. Jun.2014.
2012. Jan. "Halfway to Naked." Rpt. From The Camel Saloon. Dec. 2011.
2011. Sep."Israeli Jasmine." Rpt. from The Camel Saloon Aug. 2011.

Sheepshead Review.
2010. Dec."Your Tongue Quicks Me." 38.

Shine Journal, The.
2011. Mar."The Futility of Status," "Engineering Wizard’s Best and Last (Interstate Enchantment)," and "Autumn Migration."
2010. Apr. "Hidden Tzaddik," "American Special: Acculturating to the Holiest City" and "Their Somewhat Raucous Celebrations."
2010. Mar. "I’ve Stopped Believing in Comicbook Heroes."
2009. Nov. "Loving Myself Fat."
2009. May. "Smiler" and "Faltering in Ways Uncharted."

Sling Magazine.
2015. Mar. "A Vanity Press or a Piece of Self-Publishing Software."

Social-i Magazine.

2010. Dec. "Then the Wind," "Not the Lavender Hills," "Small Payment for a Protracted Space," "Cutting Between Sheets: Fantastic Solutions to Mundane Problems," "Heart's Cry Bed" and "Ill-Planned Legacies." 7-14.

Soft Whispers.
2010. Apr. "Current Regard for the Newly Not-so-Rich."

2017. mar. "Accused of Lèse-Majesté when Writing" and "Sudden Storms." With Nancy Ramsey's art.
2016. Dec. "Umland." With Nancy Ramsey's art.
2016. Sep. "Sometimes."
2015. Dec. "Wanderer" and "On Hanging Laundry."
2015. Sep. "Summer Bride" and "Superimposed."
2015. Jun. "Natural Death," "Hela," and "Asiatic Arecas."
2015. Mar. "On the Road to Tsfat" and "Marked Distress and Impairment."
2014. Dec. "Sansen Sessions and Woodland Sprints" and"Media Shamans."
2014. Jun."Both the Investigator and Her Mother" and "Until Exhausted."
2014. Mar. "Peach Pit Bridges" and "Hip Hop among the Branches."
2013. Dec. "Blue" and "So, Sometimes We Fail."
2013. Sep. "Patterning with Holes" and "Pregnant with Joy."
2012. Dec. "Partially Fostered by Conks and Other Planar Groupings" and "On Not Believing the Merry-Go-Round's One-Eyed Horse."
2012. Sep. "Generations of Morning Glories: Dialoging a Changing Mother/Daughter Relationship" and "Along with the Doll."
2012. Jun. "All of the Personal Fringes of Prayer" and "Morally Tall Friends: Eucalyptus' Lessons."
2012. Feb. "Parenting's Saxophone Smiles" and "Carnival Provocations."
2011. Dec. "Yerida."
2011. May. "Windfall Fruit."
2011. Feb. "Curtaneous" and"Encircling as Wrapping: Misread Autistic six Rotating among Angels."
2010. Nov. "Unveigled among the Rows: Rotations of Moonlit Bleeding" and"Accessing Social Desperation: Here, We Bloom."
2010. Sep. "Vitreous Recollections: That Summer's Glaze" and "An Adolescent’s Didactic Lament: Round Pegs, Square Holes."
2010. May. "Death of a Young Boy from the ’Hood: Stratified Healthcare’s Disgrace in Serving the General Public" and "Deliberate Blossoming."
2010. Mar. "The Stray in the Dumpster: The Relative Apertures of Aborted Attempts" and "Plucking."

Spank the Carp.
2017. Mar. "In the Clinic Waiting Room."

2009. Sep. "The Boondoggles of Debt: A Contemporary Lament."

Stride Magazine.
2009. Nov. "Penguins in Periwigs," "Gibbous Shoats and Other of Ardor’s Follies" and "Except for Guests Who Fill up Seats: Media Watch."

Tertulia Magazine.
2009. Jul. "Brit in ’The Broken Shul' " and "Halcyon Chuppah."

Tipton Poetry Journal.
2017. Aug. "Roses in Pink and Gold." 36-37.
2012. Apr. "Not of Small Value." 31.
2011. Jan. "Somewhere in Pittsburgh, I." 14.

2016. May. "Happy Crazy."

Tuck Magazine.

Unfettered Verse.
2009. Feb. "The Boss’ Orchestrated Metamorphoses" and "Watching a Painter."
2008. Dec. "Watching Raindrops Dance" and "Christina Rosetti’s ’Birthday’ to a Satirical Beat."
2008. Oct. "1960’s Fraternity Pin" and "Shiv’ah."

Unlikely Stories 2.0.
2011. Mar. "Wealth" and "Funeral Improvisation."

2013. May. "Vendomatics in Urban Palaces" and "On a Rocketship to Jupiter."

Verse Wisconsin.
2013. Oct. "Like is Because."11.
2012. Aug. "Unarticulated Achdut: Lessons on a Mehadrin Bus." 22.

Visceral Uterus
2013. May. "Redirecting Hurt."

2017. Apr. "Late at Night."

Voices Project, The.
2016. Jul. "Guns Prove Weakness."
2017. Dec. "Or by Inland Lakes."
2015. Feb. "If You Need a Reason to Read under the Covers."
2014. Jan. "Privileged Fear"
2013. Dec. "Whispers of Wilderness."
2013. Oct. "It's Easier to Sneak Boys In."
2013. Sep. "Silver Moss Fingers." 
2013. Jul. "Education Before Marriage."
2013. Jun. "Infatuation, More Honestly."
2013. May. "The Physical that Was You."
2012. Dec. A Flash Mob for Holiday Shoppers."
2012. Nov. "All Those Nooks and Crannies" and "Not Entirely Becoming Grandma."
2012. Sep. "Fifty is Years Old Enough."
2012. Jul. "On Her Birthday, That Threshold of First Roses."
2012. Apr. "Jukebox Jury."
2011. Dec. "The Fullness of Aging: Autumn's Showy Bounty."
2011. Nov. "Some Cranium Treasures Sit Derelict: Reasons to be Mindful of Children." 
2011. Sep. "Joining."
2011. Aug. "Trees at Sunset."
2011. Jul.  "The Scattered Notes of Midlife."
2011. May. "Rechov Hanaviim."
2011. Mar. "Eat Merrily: A Little Girl's Cacophonous Tastes" and "To Be a Midlist Author."
2010. Dec. "Exoskeletal Snacks: The Triumph of Osseous Matter."
2010. Nov. "Deviating Under Starlight: Whispers of Divestment."
2010. Aug. "Lake Wyola’s Mile High Farm: Sociology in America."
2010. Jun. "Mommy Woes."
2010. May. "Betsy the Barn Cow: A Suffragette’s Lament."
2010. Apr. "Baby’s Friends."
2010. Feb. "Sentiment’s Chowder."
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2009. Nov. "Living as though it Matters."

Whispers from the Unseen.
2009. May. "I’m Ready to Synchronize."

Whistling Fire.
2011. Oct. "Jerusalem Sunrise."

2018. Feb. "Least He Foment," "When Adopting Great Dangers," and "Clouds of Bad Attitude."
2015. Sep. "Dani and His Gun."
2015. May. "Hold My Hands," "Geese," and "Sail Away."
2015. Mar. "Cold Enough to See."
2014. Nov. "Forbs be Blessed" and "Puppy Dogs and Feral Cats: An Urban Beddy-Bye" and "The ABCs of Emotional Suicide."
2014. Sep. "Regard Carefully.
2014. Jun. "Reluctant to Use Their Words," and "So, I Appreciate Brakes."
2014. Apr. "Amid Giants' Awkward Words."
2014. Feb. "Flames and Fires," "My Mister," and "Seltzer and Other Social Signifiers."
2013. Sep. "Puppies' Playful Stance," "Starlight," and "Acquiring Provisions for Pets and Plants." 
2013. Jul. "Joggers' Chant" and "September."
2013. May. "Procuring and Adjusting Holiday Garments."
2013. Mar. "Bodies Roll," "Heart's Preamble," and "Growth."
2013. Feb. "Pleasant Wishes, Little Kisses," "Fortuitous Wanderings," and "Here, Pingo Sits: Intragalactic Placement of Sentiment."
2012. Dec. "Short Decades of International Conflict" and "Exposition's Heart-felt Blushes (Awdl Gywydd)."
2012. Sep. "Passing Thoughts" and "Great Veils of Regret."
2012. May. "Rubricing Life," "Twined, We Two, Tenderly," and "Neighborhood Nuisances through Cats' Eyes."
2012. Jan. "Triple River City's Cultural Editing," "Sylvan Song," and "My Fifty Year-Old Husband's Sprouting." 
2011. Oct. "Dear Tablet (A Requiem by a Seventh Grader)," and "The Klal's Redemption Requirement."
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Winning Writers Newsletter.
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Word Catalyst.
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Word Salad Online
2012. Oct. "Another Win: Political Bedfellows."

2017. Sep. "The Raging One," "Spoiled Family Traditions," and "Spinning Solid, Linguistic, Pretty Lines."

Zingara Poetry.