Paying It Forward

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2014

Few extraterrestrial beasts offend Hannah. These days, she analyzes, interprets and evaluates speculative short and flash fiction for Bewildering Stories. What's more, Hannah read: short and flash fiction for Bound Off, short stories, novelettes and novellas for Tangent, and creative nonfiction and poetry for Sotto Voce. In a former life, she was an academic respondent for scholarly conferences and periodicals, and served on the staff of Three Rivers Poetry Journal.

2017. Judge. "The Dubash." Brilliant Flash Fiction. Flash Fiction.

2011-2014. Associate Editor/Reviewer. Bound Off. (defunct). Short Stories.

2009-Present. Associate Editor/Reviewer. Bewildering Stories. Flash Fiction. Short Stories.

2009- 2010. Critic. Tangent. Novellas. Novelettes. Short Stories.

2009. Reviewer. Sotto Voce. (defunct).  Poetry. Fiction. Nonfiction.

2008. Judge.  Notes and Grace Notes Writings. (defunct). Nonfiction.

2008. Invited Editor. Motherwords. (defunct). Nonfiction.

1991. Reviewer. Communication Quarterly. Special Issue on Communication Ethics. Scholarly Writing.

1990. Invited Academic Program Respondent. "Flowing Uphill: The Agenda-Setting Function of the Basic Course." SCA (Now NCA). Chicago, IL.

1990. Invited Academic Respondent.  "Propaganda: Who is Responsible?" SCA. Communication Ethics Conference. Kalamazoo, MI.

1990-1989. Reviewer. Instructional Practices Interest Group. ECA.

1989. Invited Academic Program Respondent. "Interdisciplinary Contributions to Basic Course Curricula." ECA. Ocean City, MD.

1979. Editorial Assistant. Carnegie-Mellon University Press and Three Rivers Poetry Journal.