Supernal Factors

Supernal Factors
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August 2012. Upload here.

The supernal factors in our lives figure significantly in our comings and goings. In our struggles against humanity’s baser nature, sometimes, we are gifted with revelation, with a graphic awareness that the events we experience are unfolding for our good. Making aliyah is one such type of discovery. Supernal Factors reflects the wonder of this particular, amazing, espial.

1. Before
The Boss’ Orchestrated Metamorphoses
Safta’s Brassiere
Lake Wyola’s Mile High Farm: Sociology in America
When Bringing the Shoah

2. During
In a Jerusalem Women’s Gym: Jews, Arabs and Ellen’s 1,000th Show
Coleslaw in the Holy City
Millipedes Matter in Ber Sheva
Jerusalem’s July Lilacs
New Camels

3. After
Grooving with Jewish Mama Pixie Dust on Mo’ed; We Rejoice
The Jerusalem Mall
Birkat Hamazon Again and Again
As Long as We Put Nutmeg in our Coffee
Mrs. Moshiach
Gan Eden

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