© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2012

Collected Photos:

2015. Apr. “20/20: Eye on Israel.” Portfolio of forty photos. Camel Saloon.

Individual Images:

Academy of the Heart and Mind, The.

2023. Feb. “Cereal Box Treasure,” “Leaf,” “ Popcorn Happy,” “Pow!,” “Skipping,” “Softly Bursting,” “Spree, and ”Sunny Consequences.”

2023. Jan. “Alien Invasion,” “Woodpile Vista,” “Branching2,” “Citrus Dream,” “Conifer,” “Elm,” “Sunset,” “Two Palms,” and “Thorns and Light.”

2022. Nov. “Town View,” “Through the Orchard,” “Summertime Quiet,” “Snow’s a No Go,” “Toward the Sea,” “Toward New Adventures,” “View7,” “Windmill Promises,” “Round and Round,” and “Quiet Street.”

2022. Oct. “Amid Clouds and Sand,” “Beyond the Window Screen,” “Trees to Clouds,” “Looking onto Sacred Lands,” “Blessed,” “Sky and Heat,” “Of Hills and Clouds,” “Reaching for Rescue,” “The Ride,” and “Mountain Air.”

2022. Oct. “Fish Pond2,” “Commute2,” “Baby Seahorse,” “Clownfish,” “Golden Fish,” “Carp,” “Many Fish,” “Fish3,” “Swim,” “Follow the Leader2,” “Leadership,” and “Frenzy.”

2022. Aug. “Poppy,” “Shelter,” “Autumnal Grape Vine,” “Pomegranate2,” “Summertime Alps,” “Bougainvillea2,” “Boy Meets Goat,” “Sleeping under the Arches,” “Bunny Friend,” “Connections,” “Delayed Escape,” and “Making Beer2.”

2022. Jul. Orange. “All Colors,” “Aloe3,” “Bird of Paradise2,” “Bougainvillea5,” “Carp4,” “Dinner Prep,” “Orange Rose,” “Orange Tree,” “Orange Buds,” “Plastic Camel,” “Ralph,” and “Tulips.”

2022. Jun. Bit of Purple. “Entrance7,” “Fantasy Flowers,” “More Purple,” “More Vines,” “Mystical Grove,” “Pinecone2,” “Quiet Moment,” “Tiny Purple” and “Wee Purple.”

2022. Apr. Yellow: “Synagogue at Sunset,” “Puppy,” “Alpine Bits,” “Kfar and Kibbutz,” “Off to Space,” “Ready,” “Deer Land Deer Tractor,” “Pinecone,” and “Curb Appeal.”

2022. Jan. “Alps Housing,” “Cracked,” “Fish4,” “Kindergarten Art,” “Orchard in Pink,” “Pink Buds,” “Vining4,” and “Rosy Leaves.”

2021. Oct. “Beach Flora,” “Beneath a Fig Tree,” “Budgies,” “Canyon,” “Goat,” “Horizon6,” “Rooming at Sky Level,” and “Train Tracks.”

2021. Sep. “Patio Pots,” “Hips,” “Blessings,” “Hidden Stairs,” “Galil Farmland,” “Hike,” “Highlands,” and “Oranges.”

2021. Aug. “Blue Exit,” “Life in a Can,” “Blue,” “Behind Peacock Glory,” “Fancy Pool,” “Gull Beach,” “More Medusae,” and “Sky High.”

2021. Jul. “More Tulips,” “Irises,” “Leaves,” “Three2,” “Cattails and Bulrushes,” and “Gratitudes2.”

2021. Jul. “Rooster,” “Almost Autumn,” “Could be Lunch,” “Can Survive,” and “Snail.”

2021. Jun. “Yups,” “Mitosis,” “Bovine4,” “Dragon,” “Progress,” and “Four Compartments of the Heart.”

2021. May. “Selecting among Possibilities,” “Blind Alleys,” “Catalyst,” “During Allegorical Surveys,” and “Emergent.”

2020. Dec. “Power to the Flower,” “From Little Acorns,” “Breezy Blooms,” “Fullness,” and “Emerging.”


2022. May. “Neighbors.”

ArliJo/Gival Press.

2019. Nov. “Desert Dreams 2.”

Bewildering Stories.

2023. Jan. “Journey,” “Narrow,” and “Red and Purple Elements.”

2022. Dec. “Bird of Paradise in Blue,” and “Abridged.”

2022. Sep. “Then Blossoms.”

2022. Jul. “Stars2,” “Kanga-thing2,” “Feral,” and “High School Classroom Dilemmas.”

2022. Jun. “A Flash,” “Limits,” and “Melt.”

2022. Mar. “Sunflower.” Rpt. in Bewildering Stories’ First Quarterly Review of 2022.

2022. Mar. “Sunflower.”

2022. Jan. “Voguing with Federal Agents” and “Clarinet and Oboe.”

2021. Aug. “Budding,” and “Birthday.”

2020. Dec. “Triplets.

2020. Oct. “Exhaling.

2020. Sep. “Disconnected.

2020. Aug. “Complications.

2020. May. “Saturation.”

2020. Apr. “Circuits.”

2019. Apr. “Flower Cycle6,” “Rooster,” and “Promise of Spring.”

2018. Jun. “Contingent on Altering Behaviors.”

2018. May. “Picky about Prey” as “Infringe.”

2018. Feb. “The Next Thing”and “Charm.”

2017. Jun. “My Electronic Garden.”

2017. Feb. “Last Taste of Winter.”

2015. Sep. “Doorway in Tsfat.”

2015. Aug. “Centripetal Vehicle.”

2015. Jul. “The Seldom Seen Coypu.”


2013. Feb. Series. “Winter in the Lower Galil.” 12-13.

The Broken City.

2021. Oct. “Horizon Line2” and “Malibu Sunset.” Front and Back Cover Images.

Call Me [Brackets].

2022. Apr. “Integrating Familial Pieces.”

Camel Saloon Gallery, The.

2012. Dec.“The Galil.

Camel Saloon Postcards, The.

2013. Dec. “Greetings from Yemin Moshe Neighborhood, Jerusalem.”

2011. Dec. “Greetings from Tsfat.

Chasing Shadows.

Jul. 2022. “April Flowers2” and “Patterning with Holes.”

Coneflower Café.

2022. Mar. “Steep” and “Galil Beauty.” 88 and 159.

Cotton Xenomorph.

2022. Mar. “Transversing Ideological Deserts.”


2022. Apr. “Castle Dreams.” 32.

Detour Ahead.

2021. Mar. “Impuissant,” “Fading,” “Stress2,” and “Corona.”

Door is a Jar.

2022. Dec. “Spigot.”

2022. Sep. “Mommy Time.” Cover.

2022. Jun. “Lonely.” 93.

Dragon Poet Review.

2019. Dec. “Controlled Combustion” and “July Snowfall.

Feral: A Journal of Poetry and Art.

2022. Dec. “Canopy” and “Unripe.”

Fictional Cafe

2020. Dec. “Funk” and “More than Curious.”

2016. Sept. “Lions of Tsfat.”

Fish Barrel Review.

2021. Jul. “Mystic Circle.”

Fish Food.

2022. Jan. “Vessels for the Way Home.”

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

2019. May. “Glaciers’ Trails,” “Dueling Chicken,” and “Access.”


2018. Dec. “Tension.”

Founders’ Favourites.

2022. “Forest Bounty.”

Genre: Urban Arts.

2018. Jun. “None,” “Seed,” “Poppies3,” “Aliyah,” and “Cornered.”

Glint Literary Journal.

2022. Dec. “Brittle.”

Here Comes Everyone Magazine.

2017. May. “Yesterday’s Toys and Games.”

The Hunger Journal.

2021. May. “Pink Blossoms,” “Sorting,” and “Covered with a Leotard.”

Ink Babies.

2022. Sep. “The Right Direction,” “Patterns of Symbolic Interactions,” “Sunrise,” and “Skyfall.”

Les Femmes Folles.

2019. Aug. “Umland.” rpt. from “The Next Thing.” Bewildering Stories, Feb. 2018. and “Lady Beasts Scurrying Beneath Social Gravities.” rpt. from Les Femmes Folles. May 2017.

2018. Jan. “The Continuous Flow”.

2017. May. “Lady Beasts Scurrying Beneath Social Gravities.”

Little Somethings.

2022. Feb. “Orchard7.” Issue 4. p.6.

Machon Chana White Nights PR.

2013. Jan. “Mizpeh Yericho Chuppah.”

MockingOwl Roost.

2022. Dec. “Small Island.”

Months to Years.

2021. Sep. “Quietly Reclaiming.”


2018. Mar. “Road with Distant Wind Farm.”

2013. Dec. “Of Jasmine.”


2022. Jul. “Here Pingo Sits.”


2021. May. “Caterpillar March.”

Open: Journal of Arts and Letters.

2019. Dec. “Sweater Pattern.”

Open Minds Quarterly.

2019. Oct. “Open,” “There’s Tomorrow,” and “Climbing Heights.” 5, 8, and 11.

Orange Blush Zine.

2021. May. “Commuting in the Italian Alps.”


2018. Feb. “Our Celery’s Gone to Seed.”

Persimmon Tree.

2022. Nov. “Emerged.” Also used in Advertisement.

2022. Sep. “Family.”

Piker Press.

2022. Mar. “Delayed Entry.”

2022. Jan. “Capers3.”

2021. Sep. “Dawn.”

2021. Aug. “Garden Gate.”

2021. Jul. “Hibernation’s Over.”

Pile Press.

2022. Feb. “Flowers6” and “Grassy.” 18-19.

Pithead Chapel.

2022. Mar. “Emus.” Cover.

Press Pause Press.

2022. Dec. “Siesta.”


2023. Mar. “Mysteries.”

Red Flag Poetry.

2021. Aug. “Civilization Amidst Natural Wonders.” Postcard Cover.

2020. Feb. “Cactus Flower.” p. 4.

Remington Review.

2021. Sep. “Growing Anyway.”

Right Hand Pointing.

2021. Jul. “Fish Shadows.” Cover Image. Also “Fish Circle.”

Smoky Blue.

2022. Aug. “Geraniums.” Cover and 105.


2021. Oct. “Abstracted Hillside” and “Cool Copper Coin.”

2020. Mar. “Final Call” and “Bewildering Shopper.”

2019. Jun. “Life and Death of a Baby Bird” and “Lizard.”

2018. Dec. “Wings” and “Autumnal Stairway.”

2018. Jun. “Jejune Options” and “Star Child.”

2018. Mar. “Words” and “Pieces of Life.”

2017. Dec. “Jungle Book Links” and “Lake Springtime.”

2017. Sep.“Enigma” and “Sunset.”

2017. Jun. “Begin” and “Social Pressure.”


2022. May. “Prairie Sky.”

Stone Coast Review..

2019. Jun. “Just Cabbage” and “Irish Fence.”52, 93.

Stone Lake Gallery.

2022. Sep. “Treetops.”

2022. Aug. “En Route.”

2022. Jul. “Serene Field.”

2022. Jun. “Desert Dreams.”

2022. May. “And Aloe,” and “Alpine Passage.”

2022. Apr. “Negev Land and Sky.”

2019. Jan. “Alpine Grandeur.”

Storm Cellar.

2021. Oct. “Been There, Done That.” rpt. Cover.

2019. Aug. “Been There, Done That.” 59.

2018. Jun. “Hedgie.” rpt.

2017. Feb. “Hedgie.” 85.

Synchronized Chaos.

2023. Mar. Fish: “Coral,” “Fish2,” “Koi2,” “Larger Carp,” “Medusa4,” “Pooling,” “Ray,” “Seahorse,” “Venturing Fish,” and “Weekday Traffic.”

2023. Mar. Flowers: “Approaching Spring,” “Blue Tulips,” “Camouflage,” “Converse,” “Hungry Plant,” “So Aloes Grow.”

2023. Feb. Horses: “Alpacas and Horses,” “Ear,” “Hungry in Ireland,” “Olden Pack Animals,” “Red Horse,” and “Still Waiting.”

2023. Jan. Windows. “Almost Castle,” “Balcony2,” “Many Windows,” “Needed Tenacity,” “Once,” and “Would Have, Could Have, Should Have.”

2023. Jan. “Cat Nap,” “Cat Sentry,” “Cloaked Cat,” “Grey Cat,” "Sweet Timon," “Timon,” “Types of Cats.”

2022. Dec. Trees. “Beautiful View,” “Blooming in Shade,” “Eucalyptus2,” “Lookout Point,” “Olive Branches,” and “Palm Alley.”

2022. Dec. Beige. “Alpine Fog,” “Art Village,” “Homecoming,” “Multihued Sand,” “Near Sde Moshe,” and “Plenty of Parking.”

2022. Nov. Stairs. “Climbing,” “Forgotten Fortress,” “Pansies3,” “Steps and Leaves,” and “To the Garden.”

2022. Nov. Yellow. “A Moment Unseen,” “Daffs2,” “More Yellow,” “Unassuming,” “Yellow Rose,” and “Yellow Trumpet Flowers.”

2022. Oct. “Abundance,” “Bananas,” “Fruity,” “Inedible,” “Pantry Bonus,” and “Unloading Bags.”

2022. Aug. “White Ducks with Bridge,” “Ducks,” “Alpine Lake,” “Pond4,” “Flowering Reeds,” “Floating Beauty,” and “Pond9.”

2022. Jul. “Goslings!” “Parrot7,” “Chicken or Egg,” “Fishpond Guardians,” “Peacocks and Friends,” and “Troubled Turkeys.” Synchronized Chaos.

2022. Jun. “Fish Farm,” “Italian Alps Ski Map,” “Vapor Trail,” and “Science Garden Entrance.”

2022. Jun. “Lunching Llama,” “Me and My Shadow,” “More Fish,” “Old Friend,” and “Springtime Friend.”

2022. May. “Budgies2,” “Curious,” “Four-Legged Meditation,” “Koi,” and “Little Camel in the Woods.”

The Eye of the Needle Blogspot 7

2015. Mar. “On and Beyond” and “Tsfat Passage, Israel.”


2022. June. “Up and Away,” “Pumpkin” and “Roof.”

Thoughtful Dog.

2017. Feb. “Alpine Way.”

Torah Tidbits.

2021. Aug. “The Kinneret” and “Sefirot.” Cover Images.

Variety Pack.

2022. Dec. “Cuddles.”

2022. Jul. “Chicken” and “Dead Sea Sunrise.”

vox poetica.

2018. Apr. “City Ginko,” “Compelled,” and “August.”

West Wind Journal of the Arts.

2021. May. “Path.”

Wild Greens.

2022. Jun. “Rainy Days.” p. 10.


2023. Feb. “A Source for Greens,” “Birds Grocery2,” “Blooms and Berries,” “Cabbage,” “So Pink,” and “Summer Wonder.”

2023. Jan. “Alpine Beauties,” “Cottage Flowers,” “Paradise’s Birds,” “Pink Rose after Rain,” and “White Roses7.”

2022. Dec. “Celebration,” “Irises,” “Red Flower,” “Springtime,” “Summer Joy,” and “Summer Posies.”

2022. Nov. “Another Pink Rose,” “Caper Aspirations,” “Hibiscus,” “Rose Bounty,” “Colorful Blooms,” and “Paradise’s Bird.”

2022. Oct. “Geraniums17,” “Bottle Brush Plant,” “Rose Blush,” “Blooming Red,” “Container Friends,” and “Bougainvillea1.”

2022. Sep. “Local Denizens,” “Bee-Cause2,” “Fish in the Sea,” “That Bovine Face,” “Neigh,” and “Stingray3.”

2022. Aug. “After the Smoke and Fire,” “Ambitious Vines,” “Arches,” “Blue Giraffe,” “Jasmine,” “Peahen.”

2022. Jul. “Evan Sappir,” “Happy Yellows,” “Roos,” “Pomegranates,” “Rosemary in Bloom,” and “Village Flower.”

2022. Jun. “Another Irish Lane,” “Bamboo2,” “Cactus-Filled Exit,” “Contemplation,” “Joyful Blossoms,” and “White Roses.”

2022. May. “Autumnal Blossom,” “Buds and Berries, “Hibiscus9,” “Roses are Red,” “Strange Fruit,” and “Violets.”

2022. Apr. “Quiet Irish Lane,” “Upper and Lower Waters,” “Cart,” “Palm Friends,” “Tickets to Get Lost,” and “Ferris Wheel.”

2022. Mar. “Valley View,” “Clear Skies,” “Midas’ Touch,” “Somewhat Energized,” “A Sunny Day in Beer Sheva,” and “Purple Tree1.”

2022. Feb. “Ah, The Aardvark,” “Another Spring,” “Defended,” “Matters of Mens Rea,” “Medical Office,” “Party,” “Standing in Strength,” and “Sun Ships and Moonbeams.” Winamop.

2021. Dec. “And then Away,” “Nature and Her Children,” “Rice Paddies,” “Samurai Sheep,” “Snow,” and “Other.”

2021. Nov. “And Then Came Bob,” “Bitterness,” “Diffident,” ”Random Feelings”, “La Douleur Exquise,” and “Responding to the Scions of Anti-Semitism.”

2021. Oct. “Autumnal Flower,” “Autumnal Flower2,” “Bang2,” “Bursting,” “Distant,” “Flower Cycle4,” “Heavenly Pixels,” “The Mage’s Incomplete Solace.”

2021. Sep. “Pink Blossom1,” “Pink Blossom2,” “Pink Blossom3,” “Pink Blossom4,” “Pink Blossom5,” and “Pink Blossom6.”

2021. Aug. “Purple Flower1,” “Purple Flower2,” “Purple Flower3,” “Beauty,” “Cold Friend,” “Elegant Occupant,” and “Satiated.”

2021. Jul. “Lovely Little Face,” “Hibiscus4,” “Jasmine7,” “Nature and her Children2,” “As Obsessions Do,” and “Holiday Clothing.”

2021. Jun. “Alpine Trees,” “Beachy,” “Eucalyptus3,” “Limes,” “Palm2,” and “Thorns.”

2021. May. “Adopted by Aliens,” “Abetted by a Need to Know,” “Palms2,” “Again, Spring,” “Urban Landscape,” and “Dear Ones.”

2021. Apr. “Purple Cat2,” “Crazy Daisy,” “Blooms of Spring,” “Today is Forever Tomorrow’s Yesterday,” and “Those Intricate Pastel Patterns.”

2021. Mar. “Alpine Forbs,” “Opiate,” “Vetch,” “High Altitude Beauty,” “Mountain Blooms,” and “Wee Friends.”

2021. Feb. “Chicken Little,” “Of that Particular Ilk,” and “After Twenty Years.”

2020. Dec. “1Vista,” “Energized,” “Morning Thoughts,” “There Will be Flowers”, and “Blossoming”.

2020. Nov. “Passionflower Blooms,” “Or by Inland Lakes,” “Sunny Fungi,” “It’s Possible,” and “Inspired.”

2020. Oct. “Fish Heads and Flowers,” “The Basis,” “His Long Since Lost Letter,” and “Digital.” Also, “Purples” rpt.Facebook.

2020. Sep. “Happy Flower,” “Glass Wall,” “Not Just Words,” “Upright,” and “That Semantic Sllubberdegullion.”

YAWP Journal.

2022. Mar. “Fidgeting.”

2021. Aug. “Yesterday’s Transport.”

Yellow Mama.

2022. Aug. “Spring Kicks,” “Pacific Sunset,” “Giving up on Hope, “How I Shot My First Husband,” “Alive Another Day,” “My Mind,” “The Non,” “Crows in Our Hayloft,” “They are Prancing,” “Giant Cottonwood Tree,” “Quitclaim,” and “Waiting Room.”

2022. Jun. “The Lamp Filament,” “Unspoken Passions,” “Topsy,” “Something Bigger,” “Stunned,” “Van Gough's View of 'The Starry Night,'” and “Love Hurts.”

2022. Jun. “Maybe Haunted.” Cover.

2021. Aug. “Lorraine's Recipe,” “The Rebound,” “Deep Cuts at the Inner Groove,” “Running Until We Run Out,” “Truck Fenders,” “Viral Murmuration,” “Conversing with Dark Passions,” “Orange Tabby,” “Beyond our Cities,” “Rose-Colored Clouds,” “Waiting,” “Nothing, Nowhere,” “Haunts,” “Pent,” and “Slow Wilt.”

2021. Jun. “Beside Wild Roses,” “Best Friend Forever,” “Like a Poem Written,” “Proud to be a Pig,” “I’ll Paint You a Picture,” “All the Way Home,” “Sitting Quietly,” “Like Chicken Legs,” “Bill’s Otherworldly Outdoor Cafe,” “Marzipan Frogs,” “Eating Catfish on the Bank of the Sankuru River,” “Sugar Wolf,” “Lifetimes.”

2020. Aug. “Neofolk Rock,” “My First Apartment,” “Lovey Dovey,”“Iris’ Freedom of Self through Unlocked Words,” “Iris’ Mind Eclipsed,” “Iris’ Musings as a Single Mom,” “Blue Lips, Brown Eyes,” “A Summer’s Eve,” “Disgust on the Half Shell,”“The Hope of It,” “Unrequited Love,” “Flowers Dance,” and “Absinthe for Aliens.”

2020. Jun. “Isabelle.” “Carnival Days 1969,” “Dee’s Sentence,” “Flag Day,” “Rushing Slowly Through a Lucid Dream,” “My Palimpset,”“True Love,” “Métier,” “A Nice Poem,” and “The Sicilian Doctor’s Tale”.

2019. Aug. “Howie’s Cell,” “One Day in the Suburbs,” “A Hot Summer,” “Sea World,” “Transitory Unease,” “Night Colors,” and “Three Colors.”

2019. Jun. “Boxing Day,” “iFriends,” “The Spot,”“Lily Pads Open,” “Almost Gone,” and “Work It Out.”

2018. Dec.“Living Room” “Guns, Mabe Roses,” “Developmental Differences,” and “Pineapple.”

2018. Aug. “The One and Only Alexa Kalekar” and “Guillotines.”

2018. Jun. “Almonds.”

2018. Apr. “Where My Fathers.”

Zingara Poetry.

2018. Nov. “Haunted Exchange.”

Gallery Exhibits:

2021. Apr. “Wedding Canopy Mitzpe Yericho2.” Authenticity and Identity Exhibit. Day Eight. Washington D.C.

2014. Oct. “Channel to Elevation: Tsfat Passage.” Studio No. 7. Atlanta, GA.

Book Contributions:

2000. “Lotus Pond.” Flight of the Mind.

Animated Shorts:

2012. Jun. “8. The Writings of KJ Hannah Greenberg; ‘Buy Her Books!’”

2012. Jun. “7. The Writings of KJ Hannah Greenberg; ‘So Aloes Grew in Vietnam.’”. Adopted from KJ Hannah Greenberg. Fluid & Crystallized. Poetry. Fowlpox Press. 2012.

2012. May. “6. The Writings of KJ Hannah Greenberg; ‘Droving Last Year’s Love.’” Adapted from Adapted from KJ Hannah Greenberg. A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend. Poetry. Englewood, NJ: Unbound CONTENT. 2011.

2012. May. “5. The Writings of KJ Hannah Greenberg; ‘Simple Arithmetic.’” Adapted from KJ Hannah Greenberg. A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend. Poetry. Englewood, NJ: Unbound CONTENT. 2011.

2012. May. “4. The Writings of KJ Hannah Greenberg; ‘A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck.’” Adapted from KJ Hannah Greenberg. A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend. Poetry. Englewood, NJ: Unbound CONTENT. 2011.

2012. May. “3. The Writings of KJ Hannah Greenberg; ‘Betting on the Outfield.’” Ms. Adapted from Adapted from KJ Hannah Greenberg. Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things. Short Fictions. Bards and Sages Publishing. 2012.

2012. May. “2. The Writings of KJ Hannah Greenberg; ‘Female Troubles.’” . Adapted from Adapted from KJ Hannah Greenberg. Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things. Short Fictions. Bards and Sages Publishing. 2012.

2012. May. “1. The Writings of KJ Hannah Greenberg; ‘To be Millionaires.’” . Adapted from KJ Hannah Greenberg. Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things. Short Fictions. Bards and Sages Publishing. 2012.