Conversations on Communication Ethics

on Communications Ethics
Praeger. USA.
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Conversations on Communication Ethics is an assemblage of essays on morality and communication, which covers topics ranging from the history of communication ethics to contemporary issues of morality. Insights into persuasion and morality and into political communication, too, are included. As J. Vernon Jensen alludes in the foreword, this book  grapples "with the tension between relativistic and absolute ethics, between ends and means, between the 'is' and the 'ought' and between private and publc goods."

Forward- J. Vernon Jensen
Part I: A History of Systems of Account Making

1. A History of Communication Ethics- Kenneth E. Andersen
2. Coordinated Management of Meaning Theory and Postenlightenment Ethics- Vernon E. Cronen
3. The Status of Communication Ethics Scholarship in Speech Communication Journals from 1915 to 1985- Ronald C. Arnett

Part II: Individual Systems of Account Making
4. Discursive Community and the Problem of Perspective in Ethical Criticism-Frederick J. Antczak
5. Communication Ethics as Tolerance, Understanding and Unity- Karen Joy Greenberg
6. The Principles of Fidelity and Veracity: Guidelines for Ethical Communication- Josina M. Makau

Part III: Social Systems of Account Making
7. Conversations about the Ethics of Institutional Persuasion- J. Michael Sproule
8. Democratization of Communication: Normative Theory and the Socialpolitical Process- Robert A. White
9. The Rhetorical Situation and Situational Ethics in the Symbol of the "Refugee" in the Israeli- Palestinian Arab Conflict- Samuel M. Edelman

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