Scotch 'n Soda Productions. USA.
April 1979.

This musical is a contemporary version of an Aesop fable, "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse." In this story, a young girl, from a rural community, runs away to a metropolis only to discover that happiness comes not from superficialities, but from personal growth, i.e. from embracing self-discovery.

Songs include:
Act I:
"It's a Balloon-Happy Day"
"Yes, Dr. Egan"
"There are Trees Along the Way"
"Anything Can Happen at a Country Fair"
"The Day after Tomorrow"

Act II:
"Violet's Goodbye"
"Where is the Girl I Knew"
"Yesterday Seems Miles Away"
"I Going to Make it to the Top"
"Cold Like the City"
"Free Pretenders"
"The Needle Game"
"There's Nothing there Without Her"
"I've a Thousand Tales to Tell"
"It's a Balloon-Happy Day"-reprise