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© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

Hannah can't keep her opinions to herself. For four decades, she's been paid to espouse her views on everything from llamas to lame rationale.

2017-2019. Blogger. The Writing Process and The Publishing Industry. “Word Citizen.The Jerusalem Post. Israel.

2010-2014. Blogger. Religion and Sociology. “Middle Eastern Musings.” The Jerusalem Post. Israel.

2012-2013. Blogger. Midlife Challenges. “Moment by Moment.” WordPress. The United States.

2011-2013. Columnist. Raising Teens and Young Adults. “Life with Teens and Twenties.” Natural Jewish Parenting.

2010. Literary Critic, Speculative Fiction. Tangent. The United States.

2009 - 2011. Columnist. Raising Children Wholistically. “Concentrated Awareness.” The Mother Magazine. The United Kingdom.

2009-2010. Blogger. Integrative Parenting. “Suddenly Teens.” Kindred. Australia.

2009. Co-blogger. Intergenerational Discourse. “She Said: She Said.” The Jerualem Post. Israel.

2008-2009. Blogger. Raising Teens.  “Stages, Teens.” Type-A Parent neé Type-A Mom. The United States.

2006-2009. Blogger. Religion, Rhetoric, Sociology and Parenting.“Old/New World Discourse.” The Jerusalem Post. Israel.

1985-1987. Features Columnist. The Jewish Weekly News. Springfield, MA. The United States.

1975-1980. College Columnist and Teen Columnist. The Jewish Chronicle. Pittsburgh, PA. The United States.

1975-1977. Teen Columnist and Book Reviewer. The South Hills Record. Pittsburgh, PA. The United States.