Forthcoming Short Works

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

2022. Feb. “Everyone’s a Chemist.” Winamop.

2022. Jan. “Upon Discovering Wildlife in My Bathroom.” Winamop.


2022. Jan. “Grown Past the Tribulations of Youth,” “Forget What You Know about Love,” and “To Satisfy a Curiosity.” Winamop.


2022. “Dates,” “Extra Growth,” and “Pond.” Antolios.

2022. “Clarinet and Oboe,” and “Sunflower” Bewildering Stories.

2022. “Transversing Ideological Deserts.” Cotton Xenomorph.

2022. “Integrating Familial Pieces.” Call Me.

2022. Jun. “Hibiscus3,” “Pink Bush,” “Was Roses,” “Mauve Buds,” “Pink,” “Fruited,” “Petite Harvest,” “Power to the Purple,” “Geranium-Strewn Balconies,” “Pink Blossoms7,” Powerfully Pink,” “Pink Bougainvillea,” “Purple with Pink.” Kissing Dynamite.

2022. Apr. “Blue Door” and “Black Swans.” Front Porch Review.

2022. Apr. “Orchard7.” Little Somethings.

2022. Mar. “Emus.” Pithead Chapel.

2022. Mar. “Delayed Entry.” Piker Press.

2022. Feb. “Flowers6” and “Grassy.” Pile Press.

2022. Feb. “Valley View,” “Clear Skies,” “Midas’ Touch,” “Somewhat Energized,” “A Sunny Day in Beer Sheva,” and “Purple Tree1.” Winamop.

2022. Feb. "Floodless," "Beast of Burden," and " Alpine Clouds." Impspired.

2022. Feb. “Barrier,” “Desert Steps,” “Distant Bridge,” “En Route to Heaven,” “Foreign,” “Hand,” “Rock Flowers,” and “Farmstead.” Otoliths.

2022. Jan. “Capers3.” Piker Press.

2022. Jan. “Ah, The Aardvark,” “Another Spring,” “Defended,” “Matters of Mens Rea,” “Medical Office,” “Party,” “Standing in Strength,” and “Sun Ships and Moonbeams.” Winamop.

2022. Jan. “Alps Housing,” “Cracked,” “Fish4,” “Kindergarten Art,” “Orchard in Pink,” “Pink Buds,” “Vining4,” and “Rosy Leaves.” The Academy of the Heart and Mind.

2021. “Vessels for the Way Home.” Fish Food.

2021. “Craft of Writing,” and “Culture.”42 Stories Anthology.

2021. “The Real Thing,” “After Paul Revere,” and “Unanticipated Difficulties.” Boston Accent Lit.