Forthcoming Short Works

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

2023. May. “Don’t Take It Personally.” Penumbra: Literary and Art Journal.

2023. Apr. “Félicette's Voyage.” AntipodeanSF.

2023. Mar. “The Summer of Pink Tea.” Winamop.


2023. “Invention.” Ballast.

2023. Mar. “Trailed by Dusty Snakes,” “Cattails and Bullrushes,” and “Tehillim and Vanilla Cupcakes.” Winamop.


2023. “Purple and Green.” Red Flag Poetry.

2023. “The Jumper,” “Grandma,” “If There were Aliens Here.” Black Petals.

2023. “Glancing Up” and “Alpine Balconies.” Third Wednesday.

2023. Fall. “Spillage.” Straylight.

2023. June. “You and Me,” “If I were Fire,” “If You were Fire,” “Fish Cove,” “Return,” “Scream,” and “The Utilizers.” Yellow Mama.

2023. May. “Almost Balanced,” “Cathemeral,” “Flat Antithetical Season,” “Little Ears, Big Pitchers,” “Old Crock Pots,” “Reach,” “Reenergized,” and “Urp.” Academy of the Heart and Mind.

2023. May. “Buttercups,” “Golden Flowers,” “Yellow Buds,” “Lambs’ Ears,” “Daffs,” “Yellow Posies,” “Rose Seasons,” “Apiac,” “Exuberance,” “Shy,” “Mustard,” “Pods with Golden Blooms,” and “Reach.” Kissing Dynamite.

2023. Apr. Birds. “Another Peacock,” “Pipet with Panache,” “Puffin,” “Rooster2,” “Sandbar,” “Would-be Roadrunner,” “Social Call,” “The Coots2,” “The Pigeon Sensed a Fake,” and “The Promise of Peace.” Synchronized Chaos.

2023. Apr. “Fifty Shades of Red,” “Green Onions,” and “Greens.” Last Leaves.

2023. Apr. “Dwarfed.” Stripe.

2023. Apr. “Spools” and “Waterworks.” Front Porch Review.

2023. Mar. “A Vicious Cycle,” “Copse,” “Happy,” “Indigo Flower,” “Magenta Flower,” and “Sunny Day.” Winamop.

2023. Mar. “Cho-Cho,” “Making Stuff,” “Memorial,” “Wishful Thinking.” Super Present.

2023. Mar. “Vast Horizons.” The Globe Review. Cover.

2023. Mar. “Grapevine2,” “Morning Glories,” and “Vine and View.” Choeofpleirn Press.