Forthcoming Short Works

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

2022. Sep. “Some Musings on Granny Writers.” Bewildering Stories. Rpt. “Granny Writers.” “Word Citizen.” The Jerusalem Post. 11 Apr. 2018.

2022. Sep. “Fido, The Cat, and the Capsule.” AntipodeanSF.

2022. Aug. “Emmet.” Winamop.

2022. Aug. “Alive Another Day,” “How I Shot My First Husband,” and “Waiting Room.” Yellow Mama.

2022. Jul. “Deigning to be a Generalist.” Winamop.

2022. Jul. “Kayla.” Podcast. AntipodeanSF.

Book Chapters:

2022. Aug. “This Grand, Grand, Glorious Day,” “Gibbous,” and “Advocating Reform not Dialogue.” Winamop.

2022. Jul. “Grateful for Tiny Toes,” “Inside my Zeda: Word Police,” and “Parvenus’ Pals.” Winamop.

2022. Jul. “Parental Wrinkles.” New Note Poetry.


2023. Feb. “Horse 1998,” “Coral Friends,” “Fish Wishes,” “Rose Hips2,” “Irises7,” and “Sleeping Beauty.” Uppagus.

2022. “Chicken” and “Dead Sea Sunrise.” Variety Pack.

2022. “Pop!” “There will be Posies,” and “Valley Fire.” The Thieving Magpie.

2022. “Kanga-thing2,” “Feral,” “Stars2,” and “High School Classroom Dilemmas.” Bewildering Stories.

2022. “The Right Direction,” “Patterns of Symbolic Interactions,” “Sunrise,” and “Skyfall.” Ink Babies.

2022. “Here Pingo Sits.” NOMADartx.

2022. Dec. “Brittle.” Glint Literary Journal.

2022. Fall. “Mommy Time.” Door is a Jar.

2022. Fall. “Siesta.” Press Pause Press.

2022. Aug. “After the Smoke and Fire,” “Ambitious Vines,” “Arches,” “Blue Giraffe,” “Jasmine,” “Peahen.” Winamop.

2022. Aug. “Alive Another Day,” “My Mind,” “the Non,” and “Waiting Room.” Yellow Mama.

2022. Aug. “Goslings!” “Parrot7,” “Chicken or Egg,” “Fishpond Guardians,” “Peacocks and Friends,” and “Troubled Turkeys,” Synchronized Chaos.

2022. Jul. “Blue Door2,” and “Lotus Pond4.” Bangor Lit Journal.

2022. Jul. Orange. “All Colors,” “Aloe3,” “Bird of Paradise2,” “Bougainvillea5,” “Carp4,” “Dinner Prep,” “Orange Rose,” “Orange Tree,” “Orange Buds,” “Plastic Camel,” “Ralph,” and “Tulips.” The Academy of the Heart and Mind.

2022. Jul. “Blue Door2,” and “Lotus Pond4.” Bangor Lit Journal.

2022. Jul. “The Highway Man's Trousers.” Black Petals.

2022. Jul. “Evan Sappir,” “Happy Yellows,” “Roos,” “Pomegranates,” “Rosemary in Bloom,” and “Village Flower.” Winamop.

2022. Jul. “The Highway Man's Trousers,” “You’ll See She Said,” “Flight of Fantasy,” and “Reunion.” Black Petals.

2022. Jul. “Quiet Stairwell” and “Tsfat Awaiting.” Front Porch Review.

2022. Jul. “Just Too Far.” Black Petals. Cover.

2022. Jun. “Detonate,” “Hope2,” “Percolating,” “Stars,” and “Sunny Consequences.” Synchronized Chaos.

2021. “Craft of Writing,” and “Culture.”42 Stories Anthology.

2021. “The Real Thing,” “After Paul Revere,” and “Unanticipated Difficulties.” Boston Accent Lit.