Forthcoming Short Works

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

2022. Dec. “Not Quite a Bullseye for Owmapow.” Bewildering Stories.

2022. Dec. “Irregular Accounts of Self.” Winamop.

2022. Dec. “Viral Weeks.” Moss Piglet.

2022. Dec. “Hasp,” and “Bahadar.” Bindweed: Winter Wonderland 2022.

2022. Sep. “Not Quite a Bullseye for Owmapow.” Bewildering Stories.


2022. “Wapiti,” “An Introduction to the Problem,” and “Moments of Thirst.” The Journal of Wild Culture.

2023. Jan. “Patterns of Symbolic Interaction.” New Note Poetry.

2022. Dec. “The Delight of Durian,” “Similarly Trendy Topics,” and “Unco.” Winamop.


2023. May “Ride,” “Lane,” and “Small Peaks.” Impsired. Print Anthology. Vol. X.

2023. May. “Buttercups,” “Golden Flowers,” “Yellow Buds,” “Lambs’ Ears,” “Daffs,” “Yellow Posies,” “Rose Seasons,” “Apiac,” “Exuberance,” “Shy,” “Mustard,” “Pods with Golden Blooms,” and “Reach.” Kissing Dynamite.

2023. Feb. “Ride,” “Lane,” and “Small Peaks.” Impsired.

2023. Feb. “Horse 1998,” “Coral Friends,” “Fish Wishes,” “Rose Hips2,” “Irises7,” and “Sleeping Beauty.” Uppagus.

2023. Jan. “Fresh Grass” and “Lavender.” The Front Porch Review.

2023. Jan. “Alien Invasion,” “Woodpile Vista,” “Branching2,” “Citrus Dream,” “Conifer,” “Elm,” “Sunset,” “Two Palms,” and “Thorns and Light.” The Academy of the Heart and Mind.

2022. “Tsfat Windows,” “Bus Stop to Heaven,” “Arches,” and “Greenhouse Hoops.” Otoliths.

2022. “Glancing Up” and “Alpine Balconies.” Third Wednesday.

2022. Dec. “Fair Mountains.” Plum Tree Tavern.

2022. Dec. “Journey,” “Abridged,” “Narrow,” “Red and Purple,” “Bird of Paradise.” Bewildering Stories.

2022. Dec. “Celebration,” “Irises,” “Red Flower,” “Springtime,” “Summer Joy,” and “Summer Posies.” Winamop.

2022. Dec. “Galil Beauty.” Best of Choeofpleirn Press. 107. Rpt. from Coneflower Café. Mar. 2022.

2022. Dec. “Alpine Fog,” “Art Village,” “Homecoming,” “Multihued Sand,” “Near Sde Moshe,” and “Plenty of Parking.” Synchronized Chaos.

2022. Dec. “Desert Tree.” Impspired. Cover.

2022. Dec. “Park” and “Camel Foraging.” Bindweed: Winter Wonderland 2022.

2022. Dec. “Small Island.” MockingOwl Roost.

2022. Dec. “Brittle.” Glint Literary Journal.