Rhetorical Candy

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2018
Rhetorical Candy
With Rivka Gross.
Seashell Books. USA.
Mar. 2018. Order here.

Most goings on can be interpreted in at least two ways, only one of which usually gets proffered. It makes no difference what the topic is or which perspective gets favored; folk generally stick to a single position. Consider the subject of The Modern State of Israel. Few among the globe's population are Israelis. Nonetheless, the majority of the world's denizens vociferously disagree amongst themselves on: the morality of Israel, the sanctity of Israel, the social milieu of Israel, and appropriate responses to the existence of Israel.

Leaders and followers, alike, would be well served to learn more about the Holy Land, especially more about: nationalism versus universalism, the character and function of democracy, and the essence of diplomacy. To boot, politicos educated in the traditions of the west, specifically, and other world citizens, more generally, would gain from increasing their understanding of: freedom of speech, economics, the philosophy of science, Zionism, and Judaism.

The State of Israel is an amazing place, well-deserving of informed discourse. This country's fruit crowns world agricultural, the Holy Land's high tech is second to none, and her military know-how, too, is superlative. Most importantly, Israel is this globe's spiritual capitol. There's a lot for mankind to learn about and from Israel.

Toward that end, the sixty-two narratives that constitute Rhetorical Candy reflect on images of, suppositions about, and lived experiences indigenous to Israel, including: Asian laborers, rebbes toting BUL M5-pistols, and five year-olds chaperoning three year-old siblings, via public transportation, to school. This book's graphic writing style additionally captures: sunsets over Jerusalem, traditions woven into local celebrations of life events, and the awesomeness of the Israeli medical system.

The Jewish state is neither an ongoing beach party nor a perpetual war zone. Rather, Israel is a place of great supernal energy as well as home to egrets, hyraxes, and other extraordinary samples of Creation. All of us lose when Israel is misunderstood. We need books like Rhetorical Candy to correct erroneous portrayals of this nation. We need to taste truth about Israel, if only one essay at a time.

Introduction: All Things Blue and Green
1. The Morality of Israel
1.1 Welcome Home
1.2 A Bat Bayit's Aliyah
1.3 Not so Exotic, After All
1.4 Tzedakah: The Magnitude of a Proper Standpoint
1.5 The Importance of Hands on Giving
1.6 Coming Prepared
1.7 The Beauty of a Little Good
1.8 Striving to Do Better (with Rivka Gross)
1.9 Judging Favorably
1.10 No Saintly Fools
1.11 Pain
1.12 Amidst Oranges
1.13 Self-Actualization
1.14 That Most Important Reality Show
1.15 Aliyah Memories

2. The Sanctity of Israel
2.1 Hashem's Cool Creations (with Rivka Gross)
2.2 Israel as the Foyer to a More Excellent Chamber
2.3 Israel as the Wild West
2.4 Israel as Moon Base Alpha
2.5 Israel as a Spiritual Retreat
2.6 Israel as Gan Eden
2.7 More about Island Living
2.8 The Music
2.9 Rain
2.10 Faith (with Rivka Gross)
2.11 G-d's Help Masked as "Accidents"
2.12 A Springtime Letter to Friends
2.13 The Holy Land (with Rivka Gross)
2.14 Let's Not Forget the Kedusha (with Rivka Gross)
2.15 Good Home Beautiful (with Rivka Gross)

3. The Social Milieu of Israel
3.1 Royalty
3.2 Sweet Seudah Bar Mitzvah
3.3 Partying, Israeli-Style
3.4 Street Smarts
3.5 Arab Men
3.6 The Olive Pickers
3.7 Dissatisfaction with Synthetics
3.8 Apple-Scented Toilet Paper
3.9 Supporting the Local Economy
3.10 The Cardiovascular Technologist and Others
3.11 The Soldiers' Solution
3.12 Another Dumpster Fire
3.13The Challot and the Kallot
3.14 The Path of Torah is the Path of the Feminist
3.15 Visiting the Kotel (with Rivka Gross)

4. Worldly Reactions to Israel
4.1 Why the Sudden Interest
4.2 Truly Alone
4.3 Unbelievable
4.4 Idolatry and the Mass Media
4.5 Brutality in the City: A Brief Response
4.6 Yoman, Day Planner, of a Mad Housewife
4.7 Raising Children while Vetting Israeli Politics
4.8 Spies vs. Guides
4.9 Communication Climate, Incommensurability, and Relationships
4.10 Media Serpents
4.11 An Ongoing Crisis
4.12 Media Savvy: The Fires of Rhetoric
4.13 International Media Phubar: Rhetorically Guarding our Homeland
4.14 Communication Rules
4.15 I Will Not Forget Thee, O Jerusalem!
Conclusion: Units of Exchange
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