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Demurral: Lintels, Towels, and Fears, Oh My!
Bards & Sages Publishing. USA.
Nov. 2020.

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These days, established rules for writing, for disseminating books to publishers, and for delivering goods to audiences, have limited applications. Therefore, not only ought authors to regard the process of composition as focused on cognitive chowing, but they ought, as well, to view the proposing and promotion processes as, likewise, necessitating consuming any number of mental victuals. If writers don tinfoil hats while they ingest, that’s good, too.

Currently, every interaction with book venders, and every interaction with audiences is as unique as is every fashioning of a fresh document. Hence, at present, sometimes it's more apropos for an author to shake her booty at words, but sometimes, it's more apropos for her to engage in staid discourse. Three-headed lions aside, most critters involved in the publishing industry heed one or the other sort of rhetoric.

See, when it comes to crafting flash and short fictions, it’s often a good idea to be funky. In spite of everything, zucchini dogs, offered in whole wheat buns and slathered with spicy mayonnaise, still have questionable worth, despite the fact that captivating cryptids remain notorious money makers. What’s more, song birds make for soft targets, but dragons continue to be capable of leading readers to emotional quandaries.

Accordingly, this book’s three sections, “Lintels: Challenges,” “Towels: Bitter Sweetness,” and “Fears: Uncertainties,” are as much about archaea, namely, about nucleus free, single-celled organisms, as they are about the economics of book sales. It’s not for naught that horse whisperers have given up contesting pythons or that gelatinous wildebeest tour Earth with decreased frequency. Today’s economy dictates strange choices.

To wit, Demurral: Lintels, Towels, and Fears, Oh My! strives to function as both a perspicacious volume and as marketable one. It intentionally serves up an odd mix of useful insights and compelling tidbits. It bites while it purrs. It leaves tracks while it safeguards. It’s loud because its essence is discreet.

What's more, this colleciton is full of rocketships, haunted glens, and city bridges proffered. When readin it, you’ll meet space captains, grifters, murices, and hedgehogs, and, maybe, come away from your read with an appreciation for wordsmiths’ need to balance fantastic and realistic concerns.


1. Lintels: Challenges

1.1 The Hero Code

1.2 Assigned Myself the Job

1.3 If Ever

1.4 Snack Attack

1.5 Boxing Day

1.6 Becoming a Grifter

1.7 A Little Poisoned

1.8 Seeking

1.9 The Dillion Sisters

1.10 Information and Dinner

1.11 Cages

1.12 Storm in a Teacup

1.13 Unacceptable Conventions

1.14 Batya


2. Towels: Bitter Sweetness

2.1 Public Mail Collection Boxes and the Necessity of Compassion

2.2 They Planted a Tree

2.3 Sugar, Spice, Earthworms and Entrails

2.4 Insufficient Acquiescence

2.5 The Extraordinary Quality of Happiness

2.6 Owmapow Keeps Trying

2.7 Owmapow Rides Again

2.8 Dogged Dr. Brownstone

2.9 Chases and Relative Safeties

2.10 The Rule of Three

2.11 Homecoming

2.12 New Heights

2.13 A View with a Room


3. Fears: Uncertainties

3.1 In the Oncology Waiting Room

3.2 A Time of No Redemption

3.3 Not Noticed

3.4 A Dearth of Exploitation in Southwark

3.5 After the Abortion

3.6 Sanjit the Biturong

3.7 Yaeli's Steeplechase Hat

3.8 Marybeth's Predicament

3.9 The Equipment Maintenance Man

3.10 Emily Writes

3.11 Precious' Grandma

3.12 Prince of All Pursuits

3.13 A Bear Walked into a Bar



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