One-Handed Pianist

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2021

One-Handed Pianist

Hekate Publishing, Ltd., USA

Oct. 11, 2021. Buy it here.

When the world's most original thinkers get stymied, humanity suffers. Our poverty of inspired and enterprising insights ultimately frustrates civilization. Specifically, such a dearth thwarts society’s hope for reparation and growth, and, more generally, impedes its ability to move past any inherent dysfunction. Sadly, because most of our assemblages of words and most of our collections of images succumb to false beliefs about limits on the nature and kind of individuals’ pathways for communication, we artists are not necessarily helping matters.

Since it’s not through fissuring, but through association that we can improve the social order, it’s important for us producers to find ways to use our faculties in interchange. Sure, it’s useful, even essential, to have primary strengths, yet, simultaneously, it’s useful, even essential, to manifest support for our less utilized forms of expression. Namely, creative folks need to actualize their potential beyond their specialties.

Accordingly, One-Handed Pianist means to serve as a catalyst for additional imaginative efforts. People become willing to seek favorable outcomes in uncertain domains after they've evidenced others doing so. “See one, do one, teach one.” By exemplifying the value of crossing over into new types of dialogue, One-Handed Pianist can help artists move beyond their inventive comfort zones.

This book contains one hundred pairs of poems and digital paintings, all of which were generated by me, an individual primarily considered a “writer.” My journey into the realm of visual work is meant to encourage other artists to take risks, to avow talent's multidimensional quality, and to exemplify ways in which all originators can grow.


1. Upright

1.1. Words
1.2. Quincunx
1.3. The Sanctity of Lists
1.4. Like Some Croupier
1.5. It’s Easier to Sneak Boys In
1.6. His Long since Lost Letter
1.7. The Narcissism of Small Differences
1.8. Unitary
1.9. The Hullabaloo of Fruit
1.10. In Choosing to Work with Forbs and Flowers
1.11. When the Elder Seam Maker Died
1.12. No More Box Spring Wibbles
1.13. Roses in Pink and Gold
1.14. Potomac River
1.15. Sometimes Water
1.16. Soft Words and Whispers
1.17. Lacrimation
1.18. Sushi
1.19. Anthracite
1.20. Summer
1.21. Buying Tatty a Picnic Basket
1.22. In the Best of Aquatic Circumstances
1.23. Succor
1.24. Scree
1.25. Umland

2. Digital

2.1. Hats of Tinfoil and Cellophane
2.2 All Things Being Nearly Equal
2.3. Hedgehogs Sneaking Cheetos
2.4. Waysides plus Soda Machines
2.5. Egocentric Cover Design
2.6. Jejune Options
2.7. Demurrage
2.8. As though He was Hers All Along
2.9. All of the Patience of a Tomato
2.10. Banal and Neglected
2.11. Takes Guts
2.12. Cultivating Cabarets
2.13. Manumission: A Codependent Romance
2.14. Losing Petals Quickly
2.15. Soft Reasoning
2.16. Daffodil
2.17. Swole
2.18. The Shrikes
2.19. Dry Tortugas National Park
2.20. Replete with New Epaulettes
2.21. Prescribed Circumstances
2.22. Pitch, Yaw, and Roll
2.23. Prejudice
2.24. Picky about Prey
2.25. Contingent on Altering Behaviors

3. Grand

3.1 Circling the Light
3.2 Serving Him Smartly
3.3 Fish Heads and Flowers
3.4 The Muted Light
3.5 Eighth Night
3.6 Elevated Sensibilities
3.7 Animadversion
3.8 Not Just Words
3.9 Flames and Fire
3.10 The Center of the Universe
3.11 But Not Europe, America
3.12 Cleft from Limestone
3.13 Midbar Blue
3.14 The Dark Sidewalks of Jerusalem’s Ramot Mall Erev Yom HaShoah
3.15 Heavenly Pixels
3.16 Sometimes
3.17 Ephemeral Anger
3.18. Hyssop, Cedar, and Scarlet
3.19. A Sunny Day in Beer Sheva
3.20. Responding to the Scions of Anti-Semitism
3.21. Praeternatural
3.22. Traversing Ideological Deserts
3.23. Maiden/Mother/Crone
3.24. The Pattern in the Keris Blade
3.25. Standing in Strength

4. Hybrid

4.1. Collocations
4.2. That Semantic Slubberdegullion
4.3. Elided Sentiments
4.4. Whispers of Wilderness
4.5. Hospitality for a Star Traveler
4.6. Pleomorphic Happiness
4.7. Poppies and Other Frivolities
4.8. And Then Came Bob
4.9. Nuclear Springtime
4.10. Not a Tip Shop for Your Fury
4.11. Proapoptotic
4.12. Determining How and Why
4.13. Life-Saving Measures
4.14. Interrobang
4.15. Four
4.16. Children of that Ilk
4.17. Although Fairly Chatoyant
4.18. “Unloved’s” Forever “Misery”
4.19. Miasma
4.20. Insouciance
4.21. La Douleur Exquise
4.22. Of Idealized and Seemingly Perfect Character
4.23. There are Established Elegies
4.24. Sudden Storms
4.25. Accused of Lèse-Majesté when Writing


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