Granny Does It Vol III: A Morality of Meaning

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2021

Granny Does It Vol. III: A Morality of Meaning
Seashell Books, USA.
2022, Forthcoming.

Research is as essential as approval to writers’ enterprises since embracing muses is meaningless when we fail to exert ourselves past our texts’ causality. Namely, while it’s nice to grasp why we write, it’s necessary that our output is genuine. Stories with implausible populations or locales, like essays with unverified planks, weigh in as “fluff and nonsense.” Our compositions must possess at least some semblance of significance.

Accordingly, we’re revolutionized when we support our declarations. Our utilitarian approaches to communication are precious. The relationship between creation and origination, range and parsimony, and various microscopic and macroscopic modes of transference influence the acceptability of our documents.

Sooner than allowing our efforts to molder on hard drives, we writers are prudent to restrain ourselves from verbal extrapolations until we become acquainted with “the facts.” As poets, essayists, journalists, and novelists, we can best appreciate our fashioned depths if we search for answers prior to composing.

Writing is fun, even exhilarating! Yet, we remain beholden to decipher why we’re bringing together thoughts, why we’re buttressing contemplations. When we affirm our aims simultaneous with ensuring that our commodities are well-fortified, we overcome collective and personal disincentives that too frequently are part of the creative process.

Preface: Morality and Meaning
Introduction: And Now, No More
1. Activism
1.1 Prayer and the “Perfect Storm”
1.2 Perspective
1.3 Audience Responsibilities
1.4 A Round Peg
1.5 Five Ideas for Resilience
1.6 Tenacity
1.7 Obstacles to Our Manifesting Communication Accountability
1.8 Body Positivity for Oldsters
1.9 Granny Does It
1.10 The Limits of Word Elevators: The Semantic Incommensurability of Absolutes

2. Coordinated Meaning: An Orthodox Jewess Teaches Feminist Theory
2.1 Underlying Claims for Why a “Nice Girl” is Teaching a Course “Like That”
2.2 Incommensurabilities Part One: Torah Judaism’s View of Truth, of Selfhood and of Human Rights
2.3 Incommensurabilities Part Two: The Feminist Paradigm’s Views of Truth, of Selfhood and of Human Rights
2.4 Commensurabilities: Coordinating the Management of Meaning
2.5 Select Means to Defeat Dissociative Myths (Enhancing Inclusion in Gender and Communication Courses)

3. Boundaries
3.1 Not on My Watch
3.2 Also, Not on My Watch
3.3 More SEO Donnybrooks
3.4 Power Trips Taken by “Superior” Gatekeepers
3.5 Mastering Freshman Writing
3.6 Intergenerational Communication
3.7 Intimidation
3.8 Stop Kvetching and Start Being Accountable
3.9 Please and Thank-You
3.10 Protecting our Grasp of “Home” and “Self”

4. “Hurt” not “Failure:” Rethinking the Rhetoric of Pregnancy Loss
4.1 Mediated Ethics’ Influence on Communication about Pregnancy Loss
4.2 Mediated Ethics as Psychologically, Socially and Conceptually Harmful: The Ontology of Mediated Ethics
4.3 Mediated Ethics as Social Morality: The Epistemology of Mediated Ethics
4.4 Mediated Ethics as Problematic Politics: The Rhetoric of Mediated Ethics
4.5 Changing Mediated Ethics’ Influence on the Ontology, Epistemology and Rhetoric of Pregnancy Loss
4.6 Becoming Accountable for Mediated Ethics’ Ontology
4.7 Becoming Accountable for Mediated Ethics’ Epistemology
4.8 Becoming Accountable for Mediated Ethics’ Rhetoric

5. Making Meaning from Daily Life
5.1 Blogging Life
5.2 On Aging in Israel
5.3 Bonus Child
5.4 Each New Year
5.5 Belly Girl of Jerusalem
5.6 How to Make Your Bed
5.7 Mid-century Four Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinets
5.8 A Case of Daunting Visual Yiddishkeit
5.9 Birthday Flowers
5.10 Little Things
Conclusion: The Juncture of Wisdom and Words
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