Book Chapters

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

Book Chapters:

2022. Mar. “A Bazaar’s Cacophony.” The Best of Mad Swirl 2021. USA. Rpt. from Mad Swirl. Apr. 2021. 39.

2021. Aug. “Five Ideas for Resilience.” 101 Ideas to Stay Positive. Wingless Dreamer. USA.

2021. Feb. “Live Chat with Gremlin.” The Best of Mad Swirl 2020. 56-58. USA.

2019. Nov. “Rehab.” The Best of Brilliant Flash Fiction and Beyond, 2014-2019. Dawn Lowe. Ed. Rpt. from Can I be Rare, Too? Bards and Sages Publishing. 2017, and Brilliant Flash Fiction Magazine, Sep. 2016. 91.

2018. Jul. “Savta’s Bijou.” The Best of Mad Swirl 2017. 55. rpt. from Mad Swirl. Jul. 2017.

2017. Sep. “Words that Glide Past Cryptid Hunters.” Concīs Summer 2017 Season Anthology. Chris Lott. Ed.

2017. Aug. “My Wee Zombie Kitten.” Bardic Tales and Sage Advice. Vol. 9. Bards & Sages Publishing: Bridgeton, NJ. Rpt. from Friends and Rabid Hedgehogs. Bards and Sages Publishing. 2016.

2017. Mar. “One Impact of the Study of Biochemistry.” Nano Text. Medusas Laugh Press.

2017. Mar. “Personal Journeys.” Les Femmes Folles: The Women 2016. Sally Deskins. Ed. Les Femmes Folles Books: Morgantown, WV. 96.

2016. Jan. “A Jay and Its Mate.” Les Femmes Folles: The Women 2015. Sally Deskins. Ed. Les Femmes Folles Books: Morgantown, WV. 49.

2015. Jul. “Wine Cellar Confederates” rpt from The Immediacy of Emotional Kerfuffles. 2nd ed. Short Story Collection. Vol. II Bards and Sages Publishing: Bridgeton, NJ. 2015 and “Sunflower Sprout Salad.” The Indie Author Potluck Cookbook. Bards & Sages Publishing: Bridgeton, NJ. 67-69.

2014. Jun. “Mama Noodle.” Black Chaos: Tales of the Zombie. Big Pulp Publishing. 145-152.

2013. Feb. “The Problem with the Retlins’ Kind of Wealth.” Weltkreig. Lazarus Media. rpt. from Danse Macabre. Nov. 2010.

2013. Jan. “As Obsessions Do.” Unsere Winterreise: Our Winer Journey. Lazarus Media. 34-35

2012. Jul. “A Stone’s Throw.” Morpheus Tales: the Best Weird Fiction. Vol. II. Adam Bradley. Ed. Morpheus Tales Publishing. 160-162.

2011. “Units of Exchange.” The Best is Yet to Be. Miriam Liebermann. Ed. Targum. Reprinted from Mishpacha Magazine’s Family First. 36-38.

2011. Feb. “Sentiment’s Chowder” and “Betsy the Barn Cow: A Suffragette’s Lament.” Love be Write: Vox Poetica’s Contributors’ Series 2010. Annmarie Lockhart. Ed. Unbound CONTENT. 30, 72.

2010. “Term Choice.” The Strand Book of International Poets 2010. Imran Hanif and Jane Lee. Eds. Strand Publishing. 56.

2009. “Snowfall.” Fast Forward. Vol. II. Eds. K. Scott Forman, Kona Morris, and Nancy Stohlman. Fast Forward Press. 56-58.

Academic Book Chapters:

1991. “Communication Ethics as Tolerance, Understanding and Unity.” Conversations on Communication Ethics. Karen Joy Greenberg. Ed. Ablex. 87-109.

1990. “A Response to Papers on the Externality Problem in Communication Ethics.” Proceedings of the First National Communication Ethics Conference. J. Jaksa, Ed. Annandale, VA: Speech Communication Association. 197-201.

1989. “The Necessity of Separating Idealized Accountability from Realized Accountability.” Basic Course Communication Annual. Boston, MA: Academic Library. 1: 106-133.