Communicated Childbirth Options

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Communicated Childbirth Options
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Communicated Childbirth Options seeks to aid our comprehension of our encounters. This collection of poems operates without the constraints of particular sentiments; everything never was nor ever will be equal despite our civilization’s insistence on guidelines for thinking, speaking, and acting. Accordingly, age-old prescriptive, and descriptive linguistic theories, which are exemplified by the content of many sacred and secular texts, fail to thrill modern folks. That is, when we skip free of others’ opinions, we create better poetry.

Plus, since metalinguistic conceptualizations are not broadly legitimized, but serve mostly as escapes from relativism, it’s best for us to disregard them when crafting verse. In plain terms, as humankind is still testing its norms, values, and virtues, we clinch increasingly fewer instances of polysemic patois, e.g., increasingly less poetry. Consequently, our culture largely ignores the utilitarian similitude between pragmatics and semantics. That dearth’s a pity.

Inversely, we’re well-advised to look upon standards of conduct and upon words as distinct. Although most literary venues approve of cheerful, else, melancholy communications, and although few laud writing that contains both dispositions, it’s vital that we embrace assemblages that are concurrently sunny and somber. More exactly, we need to reject divisions between archetypes because we need a wealth of standards to scaffold our hierarchies of significance. Hence, Communicated Childbirth Options offers up peevish bits and bobs as well as gives over celebrations.

Moreso, Communicated Childbirth Options does not aim to reveal new facts about traditional approaches to ethnography or to provide fresh insights on theories of language. Rather, the poems contained herein seek to apply existent information about worldviews to the study of mortal activity, viz., to help us cope with our sundry “growth experiences.” The matters that Communicated Childbirth Options deliberates are not meant as philosophical/iconistic remedies but as starting points for future inquiry.

Introduction: Poems
1. Stage One: Expansion
1.1 Amphoteric Nature
1.2 Tenacity Alongside of Integrity
1.3 Friend
1.4 YouTube Blues
1.5 Enervating Days
1.6 Tare
1.7 Pipet with Panache
1.8 Simpettes
1.9 Disreputable
1.10 Corniche
1.11 Kopje
1.12 Gibbous
1.13 A Great Deal of Study
1.14 Hugs Between Basket Loads
1.15 Boreal
1.16 Fictional Critters’ Mutant Eggs
1.17 Palaver
1.18 Déclassé
1.19 Alon Shvut
1.20 Into the Bargain
1.21 An Appreciated Familiarity
1.22 Caviling
1.23 Foison
1.24 Taking My Woes with Me
1.25 Argued into Existence
1.26 Cognomen
1.27 The Politics of Bras
1.28 Between Critical Thought and Didactic Schemes
1.29 Quoin
1.30 Cogs and Spindles

2. Stage Two: The Momentum
2.1 Bourne
2.2 Folie à Deux
2.3 Parvenus’ Pals
2.4 Ayahuasca
2.5 Elmwood Psithurism
2.6 Grooming and Dressing Small Children
2.7 I Think I’m Turning a Feminist
2.8 Gyroscope
2.9 Soigné
2.10 A Little Duck
2.11 A Frolicking Lamb
2.12 Sam, Lisa, and Henry David
2.13 The Paradoxes that Arise
2.14 The Delight of Durian
2.15 Doing the Incest Rap
2.16 Not NIMBYism
2.17 Mirabile as well as Ill-Omened
2.18 Incidental Kohlrabi
2.19 Chuckholes
2.20 Take Care, Young Lover
2.21 Building Bridges
2.22 No Matter Words’ Meaning
2.23 Disparage
2.24 Death Beneath a Pileus
2.25 Orrery
2.26 Reaching Back
2.27 This Grand, Grand Glorious Day
2.28 Ethics’ Occupation
2.29 Stretching toward the Moon
2.30 Moments of Thirst

3. Stage Three: Secundines
3.1 Love in Tranches
3.2 Lento
3.3 Unloading Bags
3.4 Nowt of Water
3.5 To be Volant
3.6 Violoncello
3.7 Aery
3.8 One, Two, Three, Four, Kick
3.9 Advantages that Inhere in Marriage
3.10 Cat’s Cuddy
3.11 I’m Eating What’s Eating Me
3.12 Petard
3.13 Quotha
3.14 Inside My Zeda: Word Police
3.15 Sloe-Eyed Love
3.16 The Futility of College Lectures
3.17 A Pound of Flesh
3.18 Mackerel and Chocolate Spread
3.19 Not Formal, Vernacular
3.20 Contingencies
3.21 Metaexpression
3.22 Are There Any Valiant Women
3.23 Meaning
3.24 Self-Replicating Statements
3.25 The Courtship of Two Artless, Hedge-born Rodents
3.26 Rhetorical Sufficiency
3.27 Lacking Role-Appropriate Behavior
3.28 Parental Winkles
3.29 An Introduction to the Problem

4. Stage Four: Puerperium
4.1 Upo
4.2 Debitage
4.3 Boreen
4.4 Unco
4.5 Striae
4.6 Manky Dog
4.7 The External Relevance of Semantic Screening
4.8 Officiousness
4.9 Jiffy Bag Revenge
4.10 Emplaced
4.11 After Expressing Milk
4.12 Ard
4.13 Onions and Socks
4.14 Gainsay
4.15 Not Albino but Axnthic
4.16 Feint
4.17 Atavistic
4.18 Whuffing
4.19 Upon the Baize
4.20 The Ostler
4.21 Coign
4.22 The Evolution of Some Social Systems’ Dimensions
4.23 Ambiverts
4.24 Two-Way Artist
4.25 Ideate
4.26 The Ethical Dimension of Discourse
4.27 If We
4.28 Lief
4.29 Contrapuntal
4.30 Wapiti
Conclusion: Similarly Trendy Topics
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