Creative Nonfiction

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2011

Creative nonfiction remains a vehicle for traveling both through uncanny events and for reflecting on more ordinary ones. Although allegedly rooted in truth, essays actually are witnessing tinged by imagination.

Some Favorites:

Academic Journal Articles:

2009. Sep. “Abiding by Timetables (and Other Absurd Mentations Possessed by Professional Mommies).” Women in Higher Education. 27.

2006. “The Architecture of Social Stratification: A Review of Davidson’s Anything.” The American Journal of Semiotics. 22.1-4: 201-209.

2005. “An Epistemic Adventure: Tarasti’s Existential Semiotics.” The American Journal of Semiotics. 21.1-4: 92-100.

1990. “The Deficit of Research on Higher Education Instructional Communication Ethics.” The Massachusetts Journal of Communication. Springfield, MA: Communication Association of Massachusetts. 9.1: 13-17.

Current Publications:

All Things Girl.

2012. Apr. “Mommy Writer Revisited.”

2010. Aug. “Running off from Resolutions; Sidestepping Self-Sabotage.”

2012. Apr. “The Bildungsroman of a Contemporary Odysseus.”

Artist Unleashed, The.

2017. Feb. “The Necessity of Wonkiness in Writing.”

Bewildering Stories.

2021. Aug. “All Manner of Sunshine.” Rpt. from Natural Jewish Parenting. Sep. 2011, and from Sweet and Sour: Womanly Thoughts. Seashell Books. Bowling Green, KY. 2021. 9-11.

2020. Oct. “Making Waters.” Rpt. “Got Children? Add Water.” The Mother Magazine. Nov. 2010. 20-21. Rpt. as “Making Waters.” The Nexus of the Sun, the Moon, and Mother. Seashell Books. Bowling Green, KY. 2020. 127-130. Rpt. Smiling and Nodding with Alacrity. Seashell Books. Bowling Green, KY. 2020. 99-102.

2020. Apr. “Boys’ Dolls, Matchmaking, and Kitten’s Play: A Slice of Strife.” Rpt. The Nexus of the Sun, the Moon, and Mom. Seshell Books, 2020.

2019. Jun. “Parenting’s Little Smiles. ” Bewildering Stories. Rpt. Whistling for Salvation. Seashell Books. 2019. 102-105.

2018. Apr. “Units of Exchange.” Rpt. Seashell Books. 2018. 205-207. Rpt. The Best is Yet to Be. Miriam Liebermann. Ed. Targum. 2011. 36-38. Rpt. Mishpacha Magazine’s Family First. Feb. 20, 2008.

2018. Apr. “I Wanna be a Model.” Rpt. The Jerusalem Post. Feb. 2018. Rpt Tosh: Select Trash and Bosh of Creative Writing. Crooked Cat Books, 2017. Rpt. Vortice. Jul. 2

2015. Oct. “Pulp: Literature’s Costume Jewelry.” rpt. from Word Citizen. Tailwinds Press, Sep. 2015.

2013. Dec. “The Need for Staid Midlife Moms to Write Bizarro Texts.”

2012. Mar. Compassion for Editors: The Color of August Pumpkins.”


2012. Aug. “Writers’ Responsibilities.”

Cat’s Meow for Readers and Writers, The.

2015. May. Days of Milk and Honey.”

2010. Apr. “Incorporation.”

2010. Mar. “To Beeswax or Not to Beeswax: How to Make Shabbot.” Stories of Return.


2010. Apr. “Timon Cat: A Friend’s Decline.”

2010. Feb. “Weeding.”

Conceit Magazine.

2009. Jul. “Mama’s Little Boy’s Unwanted Opinion.” 3.28:6-7.

Della Donna.

2009. Dec. “Mommy Writer.”

Diet Soap.

2010. Nov. “Tree Fruits and Gym Nuts.” 6-9.

Externalist, The.

2010. Nov. “Stone Women Groove Park Geese.”

2009. Feb. “The Russians.” Rpt. from The Jerusalem Post.

2008. Aug. “Cell Phones, Electronic Gates Keys and Automatic Automobile Key Pads.” Rpt. from The Jerusalem Post.

Fallopian Falafel.

2010. Sep. “Of Kitchens, Conventions and Other 'Cookery.'” 10-13.

2010. Sep. “Channie’s Vegetable Soup.” 32.

2010. Jun. “Book Publishing as a Seemingly Random Creative Act.” 13:19-22.

2010. Feb. “Breasts, Earlobes, and Belly Buttons.” 28-30.

2010. Feb. “Busted: Rhetorically Out-of-Order.” 40-41.

2009. May. “Confusing Exploitation and Affection.” 15-17.

2009. Feb. “That Fibromuscular Tubular Track.” 7:9-11.

2008. Summer. “Lice.” 5: 22-23. Rpt. from The Jerusalem Post.

Fantastic Adventures.

2012. Mar. “Working Stiff.”

Fiction Southeast.

2018. Apr. “Qualia.” Rpt. The Jerusalem Post. Nov. 21, 2017.

Fictional Café.

2021. Jul. “Bleary-Eyed While Fired Up.”

Flagler Review, The

2012. Apr. “Writing As More than Bridges.” 30-31.

Gabanzo Literary Journal

2015, May. “My F-Word.” 116-118.

2012. May. “Editor-at-Large Swims Up.” 93-95.


2008. Jul. 02. “I Can Almost.” Israeli Edition. C10. Also, July 17. American Edition. C36.


2010. Jan. “A Brief Span.” 47.

2009. Nov. “The Ringing.” 19.

Houston Literary Review, The.

2010. Dec. “Driving Attitudes.” 12-14.


2020. Aug. “Hugs, Hearts, and Souls.

Jerusalem Life, The. Jerusalem Post, The.

2011. May.“Midlife: More Funny than Frightening.”

2010. Jun. “The Pleasantness of Teenagers.” Guest Blog.

2012. Mar. “The Contemporary Short Story Market.”


2009. Feb. “Negotiating with a Kitten.”


2010. Dec.Homing Instincts.”

Lady Ink.

2011. Dec. “That Fibromuscular Tubular Track.” 34-35. Rpt. from Fallopian Falafel. Feb. 2009, 9-11.

Look to the Western Sky.

2017. Aug. “Immediate Reduction in Ego.”

Maternal Spark.

2009. Apr. “Budding.”

Mishpacha Magazine. Family First.

2022. Mar. 22. “Flashback” qtd. “Units of Exchange.” Feb. 20 2008.

2008. Feb. 20. “Units of Exchange.” 30.

Mother Magazine, The.

2009. May. “No Economic Slowdown Needed for Sane Consumerism.” 20-22.

2009. Mar. “Only One Minute.” 33:30.

2008. Nov. “Some Bits Sometimes: Well Parenting.” 31:31.

MidCentury Modern Moms.

2008. Apr. “Afar and Beyond: Another Time, Another Place.”

Mused: The Bella Online Literary Review.

2009. Sep. “Baseball Caps, Carbohydrates and Service Centers.”

2009. Jun. “Linoleum and Larceny.”


2009. May. “The Heuristic Value of Name-calling.” Rpt. from The Jerusalem Post.

Perihelion Science Fiction.

2015. Nov. “G-d from the Machine.”

Poetica Magazine.

2010. May. “Reading and Writing as a Means to Publishing ’rithmatic.”

Rhizomatic Ideas.

2015. Nov. “An Alias’ Utility.” 2015. Aug. “Oldsters’ Cri de Coures.”

2015. Jul. “Realizing I’ve Become a Grandma Writer,” Junk vs. Joy,The Business World as a Tourist Destination,” and Pluff Mud.”

Sasson Magazine.

2019. May. “Eating not Insulting.” rpt. Whistling for Salvation. Israel Series. Vol. IV. Seashell Books. Bowling Green, KY.

Scribblers on the Roof.

2010. Mar. “Today I Put Soap in the Bathroom: Some Particulars of (Re) Writing.”

Shakespeare’s Monkey Review.

2009. Sep. “Softness.” 2.3:43.

Shine Journal, The.

2013. Jul. “A Round Peg: A Lament.”

2013. Feb. “Gravity Takes No Vacation.”

Shiur Times, The.

2007. Aug. “The Kindness of Strangers.” 26. Rpt. from The Jerusalem Post.

2007. Jun. “The Goat Yoghurt Story.” 12-13. Rpt. from The Jerusalem Post.

Social-i Magazine.

2010. Dec. “Arab Men.” 56.

Unbound CONTENT Bookblog.

2012. May. “Spinning, Spinning, and Then Lifting: A Response to Alice Shapiro’s 'The salve of women meeting [sic].'” Alice Shapiro. Saltian: To Dance. Unbound CONTENT 2012. 172-176. rpt. from Unbound CONTENT Bookblog. Jun. 2011.

2011. Jun. “Spinning, Spinning, and Then Lifting: A Response to Alice Shapiro’s 'The salve of women meeting [sic].'”

Unsent Letters.

2010. Feb. “Acclimating.”


2014. Jul. “I Wanna be a Model.” 28-31.

Women on Writing.

2013. Jun. “Writing, Not Making Moonshine.”

Women Writers.

2009. Jun. “Parenting Teens after the Advent of the Internet” and “Under the Hood.” Both Rpt. from The Jerusalem Post.

The Writers Monthly Review, The.

Mar. 2015. “A Manifesto of Sorts.”

Feb. 2015. “Truth vs. Imagination.”