© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2022

Slipstream is to fiction what ultrarunning is to track and field, a chance to take skills far away from ordinary expectations. In strange plot loops, especially as refracted through the optical systems of oddball characters, such narratives can grow wild.

Some Favorites:

“Fido, the Cat, and the Capsule.” AntipodeanSF.

“Lacy's Toe.” Podcast. Bound Off!

“Momentum or Position” Bewildering Stories.

“Pirate Ayana and the Seagulls.” Fictional Café.

“Professional Responsibilities.” Bartleby Snopes.

“Squamata's Rumble.” The Clarity of the Night.

“The Rule of Three.” Pressboardpress.

“Three Ways to Ride an Elephant.” Podcast. Manawaker Studio.

Current Publications:

50 to 1.

2011. Sep. Fat Fish.”

101 Words.

2016. Apr. “Steering Wheels.”

365 Tomorrows.

2010. Feb. “Terrorgator.”

2008. Oct. “Not an Imaginary Figment.”

AlienSkin Magazine.

2009. June/July. “A Little More Echinacea Dearie.”

2008. Dec/Jan. “This One’s for Daddy.”


2022. Oct. “Sociology 101, Lesson Six.”

2022. Sep. “Fido, The Cat, and the Capsule.”

2022. Jul. “Kayla.” Podcast. Begins 15:00 mark.

2022. Jan. “Kayla”

2009. Aug. “Deli Slices.”

2008. Dec. “Car for Sale.” #127.

Ariel Chart.

2022. Feb. “Private Property.”

Bactrian Room, The.

2015. Jun. “Power per Unit.”

2014. May. “The Equipment Maintenance Man.”

2013. Jul. “McCragherty and the Livestock Exchange.”

2012. Dec. “Defense.”

2012. May. “Baking Cookies, Counting Cheshire Cats, Espousing Classical Rhetoric, Raising Rabbits, and Signing off from Cancer.”

Bards and Sages.

2013. Apr. “Amazing Deterrents.”39-41.

2011. Jul. “(For Larina)The Lizard and the Dumpster Cats: An Allegory.” 19-21.

2011. Apr. “Maneuvering the Facts around Small Feelings.” 15.

2009. Apr. “Illusionary is the Hedgehog’s Strength: An Allegory.” 5.

Bartleby Snopes.

2011. Mar. “Professional Responsibilities.”

Battered Suitcase, The.

2011. Sep. “Deferring to Family Custom.”124-125.

Better than Starbucks.

2016. Aug. “Ain't So.”

Bewildering Stories.

2022. Dec. “Not Quite a Bullseye for Owmapow” as “Owmapow Aims High.”

2022. Jan. “New Intimacies.”

2022. Jan. “Coffee Shop Crush.” Rpt. from Owmapow Rides Again. Fomite Press: Burlington, VT. Jan. 2022.

2021. Aug. “Beloved Little Sister.”

2021. May. “Partula's Aspiration.”

2021. Apr. “Not Rumpelʹštílʹcxen.

2021. Feb. “Owmapow's Sister.

2020. Dec. “Emily Writes.” Rpt. Demurral: Lintels, Towels, and Fears, Oh My! Bards & Sages Publishing, 2020. Rpt. The Rampallian. Mar. 2013.

2020. Nov. “Momentum or Position” and “Owmapow the Incorrigible.

2020. Aug. “Owmapow's Side Job.”

2020. May. “Around Once More with Owmapow.”

2019. Dec. “The Antics of Certain Profligate, Spacefaring Penguins.”

2019. Aug. “Dogged Dr. Owen.”

2019. Jul. “The Greater Social Consequences of Perimenopausal Breakouts.” Rpt. Walnut Street (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2019). Rpt. Manawaker Studio's Flash Fiction Podcast. Apr. 2018.

2019. Jun. “Batya.”

2019. May. “Owmapow Rides Again.”

2019. Mar. “Owmapow Keeps Trying.”

2019. Jan. “Sanjit, the Binturong.”

2018. Dec. “The Extraordinary Quality of Happenstances of Small Importance.

2018. Oct. “A Bear Walked into a Bar.

2018. Aug. “Pets in Space.”

2018. Jun. “The Road to Amman.”

2017. Oct. Novel Excerpt. Ten Kilo and One Million.

2017. Sep. “Fame and Fortune.”

2017. Jul. “Precious' Grandma.”

2017. May. “Fubar on Nosy-Look.”

2017. Apr. “Balayage.” Rpt. from Can I Be Rare, Too?

2017. Jan. “Family Spycraft; Part IV: As Dead as David.”

2016. Nov. “Family Spycraft; Part II: Right-Sided” and “Family Spycraft; Part III: Mrs. Morrison.”

2016. Oct. “Shredded Paper” and “Dr. Laura Whitfield's Dream of Recycling.”

2016. Sep. “Family Spycraft; Part I: Of Fingerprints and Drinking Glasses.”

2016. Aug. “Miserable at What the Fluff” and “Lemon-Sauced Ducklings,” Rpt. from Friends and Rabid Hedgehogs.

2016. May.“Hedgehogs Démodés.”

2015. Nov. Three Part Series.“The Adventures of Owmapow;” “Of Crustaceans and an Emerging Creative Writer,” “Deep Sea Mothers,” and “Owmapow Gets Laid Off.”

2015. Jul. “Remaining Opaque,” and “A Certain Visitor.”

2015. Jun. “Unexploited Relations among Space Lobsters on Jupiter,” and “Mentioning the Aliens.”

2014. Aug. “Assistance with Quickly Becoming Unbearable.”

2014. Jun. “Unlike her Children.”

2014. Feb. “Witches, Wizards and Watches.” Rpt. from The Immediacy of Emotional Kerfuffles. Bards & Sages Publishing. 2013.

2013. Nov. “Becoming a Grifter.”

2013. Jul. “Barefoot Nuptials.”

2012. Dec. “Sleep Aids Guaranteed.”

2012. Oct. “A Reluctant Ecology.”

2012. Jul. “An Awkward Letter.”

2012. May. “Medicancy.”

2012. Feb. “On Not Weighing the Moral Turpitudes of Common Man.”

2011. Jun. “The Telemarketer and the Would-be Strumpet.”

2011. May.“Suboptimal.”

2010. Nov. “The Process of Becoming a Noncorporeal Being” and “A Few Constructive Observations.”

2010. Jul. “Guess my Vocation” and “Shuffling through Onion Grass: A Rhapsody about the Limits Family Can Impose on Xenography.”

2010. Feb. “Outcursed.”

2009. Dec. “Powered by Gas.”

2009. Nov. “Betting on the Outfield” and “The Husband Remaking Machine.”

2009. Sep. “To be Millionaires, We’d have Gone into Dermatology” and “Little Life Alterations.”

2009. Aug. “That Thermochromatic Whatsit” and “Opening Remarks in the Sociology Department.”

2009. Jan. “Recumbent Riches.”

Beyond Words.

2021. Nov. “Not Surprising.”

Big Pulp.

2012. Dec. “Indigestion.”50-51.

2010. Feb. “Rue/Roux.”

Birch Gang Review.

2016. Mar. “The Relative Utility of Betting on Zombie Yard Flamingos.”

Black Petals.

2021. Jan. “Special Teeth.”


2021. Mar. “Pretty Little Miss.”

Bound Off!

2014. Feb. “Lacy's Toe.”Podcast.

Brilliant Flash Fiction Magazine.

2019. Sep. “My Children's Mothers.”

2018. Sep. “Come as You Are.” 7-9.

2017. Sep. “Ramfeezeled.” 25-27.

2017. Jan. “A Golden Hair.”23.

2016. Sep. “Rehab.” 7.

2015. Jan.Bon Champs.”

Cahaba River Literary Journal.

2015. Jun. “A Time of No Heroes.”

Calliope. American MENSA.

2017. Mar. “A Knight's Round, Table Vegetable.” 23-24.

2015. Oct. “Elizabeth Steppe and the Observation Car.” 25-29.

2014. Feb. “A Little Off of the Top.” 18-19.

2012. Jun. “Replete with Fire Sleeve.”24-26.

2010. Oct. “One of Many Acts.” 23-24.

Cat’s Meow, The.

2014. Jun. “Matilda's Morning.” 69-73.

2010. Apr. “Object du Jour.”

Cerulean Rain.

2009. Feb. “Believing in Champions in the 1970s.”

Circle Show.

2015. Dec. “Feeling Happy.” 33-36

2015. Aug. “Grit.”22.

Clarity of the Night.

2011. Jul. “Elementary.”

2010. Jan. “Synecdoche with References to a Previous Life in Iowa City.”

2009. Jul. “Spelling New Neighbors.”

2009. Jan. “Reflexing Upward.”

2008. Jul. “Squamata’s Rumble.”

Cricket Online Review.

2010. Jul. “A Slow-Working Relaxative.”

Danse Macabre.

2012. Jun. “A Little Old Man with an Abacus: Assorted Family Dysfunction during Select Postadolescent Years.”

2012. Jan. “The Thief.”

2011. Sep. “After the Abortion, a Short Journey.”

2011. May. “Droving Away Unpleasantries.”

2011. Apr. “The Almost Olympian.”

2010. Nov. “The Problem with the Retlins' Kind of Wealth.”

2010. Sep. “Tropical Birds.”

2010. Mar. “Pragmatics.

Defenestration Magazine.

2016. Dec. “Tourist Problems.”

2016. Aug. “Ott Toby.”

Della Donna.

2009. Feb. “Rituals.”

Doorknobs and Bodypaint.

2019. Dec. “Routines.

2019. Sep. “Roleo and Jean of Venice Beach.”

2019. Jun. “A Change of Heart,” “Death by Competition,” and “The Little Pepper.”

2019. Mar. “If Ever.”

2018. Oct. “In the Oncology Waiting Room.”

2018. Aug. “Sideshow Flora,” “Unauthorized Passage,” “Bravado and Bluster,” and “One Million Miles Away.”

2018. May. “Box Cutters” and “Tomato Seeds.”

2018. Feb. “Marmalade and the Sheep,” “Kohlrabi Salad” and “Carriage.”

2017. Nov. “Hallowed Sorts,” “Regulations,” and “Tabassum.”

2017. Aug. “Furtive Movements,” “A Horrible Death,” and “Two for the Price.”

2017. May. “The Beekeeper” and “Marrying the Rabbi's Son.”

2017. Mar. “Polka Dots,” and “Gliding.”

2016. Nov. “Chases and Relative Safeties.

2016. Aug. ”Provisos“ and ”Dull, Scaly Grey Love.“

2016. May. ”Just a Bite“ and ”In Relationship to another Son of my Parents.“

2016. Feb. ”Evermore Blosoming“ and ”Office Ardor.“ 2015. Nov. ”Her Bulbous Eyes.

2015. Aug. “Sweet Pea.”

2015. May. “Dandelion Fields,” “Competitive and Foolish,” and “Silent Findings.”

2015. Mar. “Information and Dinner” and “Lovesick.”

2014. Nov. “Ruminations” and “Today's Weather: Pleasant, No Change in Temperature.”

2014. Aug. “Married, but Lonely.”

2014. May. “Assigned Myself the Job,” and “TJ Buttercup.”

2014. Feb.“Yesterday's Plumbing” and “A Street-Crossed Lover.”

2013. Nov. “Steps to Knowledge.”

2013. Aug. “A Thing for Small Fish and Bendy Invertebrates.”

2013. May. “The Wrong Side of the Gurney.”

Dream People, The.

2012. Nov. “Preamble.”

2010. Nov. “First, Penguins Driving Mazdas.”

The Drowning Gull.

2016. May. “It Depends.”34-39.


2009. Nov. “Raucous Celebrations.” 73-75.

Eyedrum Periodically.

2016. Oct. “Gone Away with Dragons.”

Fallopian Falafel.

2009. Nov. “The Sexual Politics of Mental Illness.” 25-26.

Farther Stars than These.

2012. Mar. “Impending Incursion.”

Feathertale Review.

2009. Jun. “The Prophet and the Social Worker.”


2012. Jul. “Confabulations and Covariates.” (Jim-Jam O'Neily #6).

2012. May. “Higher-than-Normal-Intensity Laser Canons.” (Jim-Jam O'Neily #5).

2012. Mar. “Komodo Dragons, Neodymium Flakes, and English Teachers.”(Jim-Jam O'Neily #4).

2011. Jul. “The Unintimidatable Jim-Jam Ariel O'Neily.” (Jim-Jam O'Neily #3).

2011. Jun. “Jim-Jam's Louse.” (Jim-Jam O'Neily #2).

2011. Mar. “Ralph's Blemish.” (Jim-Jam O'Neily #1).

2011. Jan. “Cultivation.”

Fictional Café.

2020. Dec. “Pirate Ayana and the Seagulls.”

2019. Dec. “Temporary Graciousness.

2018. May. ”Haeleigh.“

2017. Jul. ”The Price of Cheap.“

2016. Sep. ”If Only They Could See Her Now.“Rpt. from Don't Pet the Sweaty Things. Bards & Sages Publishing. 2014. and Freedom Fiction Journal. Jun. 2011.


2009. Apr. “Earlop’s Secrets.”

2009. Mar. “Haphazard Tidying Up.”

2009. Jan. “Another Purple Crayon,”“Secondhand Bizarre” and “Have another (Double Bind).”

2008. Dec. “Mute.”

Flash Fiction Friday.

2016. Jul. ”Plump and Succulent.“

Flash Fiction Magazine.

2017. Aug. ”The Turquoise Chair.

2016. Sep. ”Yaeli's Steeplechase Hat.“

2016. Mar. ”Woodland Cacophony.“

Flash Fiction Press.

2016. May. ”Not Even the Waiting List.“

2016. Mar. ”Storm in a Teacup.“

2016. Feb. ”A Line Producer's Beneficent Notes.“

Flash Scribe.

2009. Jul. “Trousseau.”

Flashes in the Dark.

2010. Aug. “Erinaceous Behavior.”


2009. Jun. “But not a Bird Chaser.”

2009. Jan. “Services Rendered.”

Freedom Fiction Journal.

2011. Jun. ”If Only They Could See Her Now.“

2011. Feb. “Aujourd’hui.

2010. May. “Steamed Fish with Eyes.”

2010. Mar. “A Mother’s Perspective.” 51-53.

2009. Aug. “The Martian and the Potter.” 106-113.

Getting Something Read.

2009. May. “Twice as Long as Wide: Obelisk.”

2009. Jan. “First Response (Reactions to a Daylight Murder).”

Ginko Tree Review, The.

2017. Mar. “Just a Sunbird.” 40-46.


2009. Aug. “Sales@liveperson.” 35-37.


2016. Apr. “Children's Games.”

2015. Feb. “Remarkable Robustness.”


2012. Dec. “I'm Thinking of a Number Between 1 and 1,000: An Unsung Hero.123-126.

Is Greater Than.

2010. Aug. “Poses.”

2010. May. “Daisy Chains.”

2010. Mar. “Without Sorrow.”

Journal of Compressed Creative Arts

2016. Feb. “Dandelion Fields.” Rpt. from Doorknobs and Body Paint. May 2015.

Journal of Microliterature, The.

2010. Nov. “Stones: All Trumps Lots.”

Lascaux Flash.

2012. Sep. “‘Social' Security.”

Lesser Flamingo.

2010. May. “Star Bright.”

2010. Jan. “Upon Possessing a Wiggly Fish.”

Literary Hatchet.

2016. Aug.“Inviolable Writer Destroys Recent Writing Workshop Graduate.” 66-70.

2015. Apr. “Statutory Theft.” 68-81.

2013. Oct. “Home Coming.”74-76.


2016. Nov. “Unacceptable Conventions.”

2016. Feb. “Maceo”


2011. Jan. “Yitzok's Teachers

Lunch Ticket.

2016. Dec. “The Trouble with GobbledUp.”

Mad Swirl.

2022. Oct. “Bliss.”

2022. Sep. “Agouti Coat.”

2022. Jul. “Loose Leaves.”

2022. Jan. “The Mayonnaise Jar.”

2021. Sep. “Shucks Among Aging Partners.”

2021. May. “The Green Witch.

2021. Feb. “The Pearl Stringer’s Mother.”

2020. Dec. “The Wedding Fee.”

2020. Jun. “Live Chat with Gremlin.

2019. Mar. “Prince of All Pursuits.”

2018. Nov. “Cages.”

2017. Sep. “Negotiating with Hostage Takers.”

2017. Jun. “Aftermath.”

2017. Jan. “Stupid.”

2016. Mar. “Milk Thistle and Fenugreek.”

2015. Dec. “Trade Relations in the Horseshoe Galaxy Cluster.”

2015. Aug. “Hypnosis.”

Manawaker Studio's Flash Fiction Podcast.

2021. Apr. “Three Ways to Ride an Elephant.” Podcast.

2018. Apr. “The Greater Social Consequences of Perimenopausal Breakouts.” Podcast.

Medulla Review, The.

2010. Mar. “The Undisclosed Visitor.”

Mishpacha Magazine’s Literary Supplement, Calligraphy.

2007. Sep.“Compote and Compromise.” 26-29.

Morpheus Tales.

2010. Jan. “A Stone’s Throw.” 32.

2009. July. “Charles in the Tree Tops.” 40-41.

Moss Piglet.

2022. Dec. “Viral Weeks.” 38-41.


2017. Mar. “At Cinema City.”

2015. Sep. “Still Lost.”

Natural Jewish Parenting.

2012. Oct. “The Wisdom of Oranges.”

2011. Dec. “Open my Heart: A Story for Chanukah.”

2011. Jul. “The Falafel Man.”

New Absurdist, The.

2009. Feb. “Brutes.”

New Reader Magazine.

2021. Dec. “Public Potties.” pp. 86-87


2011. Dec. “Susan-A-Rama's Brother.”

Ol' Chanty.

2015. Jun. “Beyond Her Hotel's Threshold.” 7-13.

2014. Dec. “City Man.”

Page & Spine.

2021. Jun. “The Nonexperts.”

2020. Jul. “Compassion for Dark Siders.”

2020. Jun. “Free Pet Grooming Class.”

2017. Jul. “The Day Captain Wonder Failed to Rescue Earth.”

Penny Engine.

2016. Jan. “Gotham.”


2016. Aug. “Urtication.”

2016. Apr. “Earthly Hosts.”

Persimmon Tree.

2022. Sep. “Returning Home to Die.”

The Pigeon Review.

2021. Nov. “Dulse Days.”


2011. Sep. “The Rule of Three.”

Postcard Shorts. Jan. 2018. Evolution.”
Pow Fast Flash Fiction.

2010. Feb. “Flyer.”

Prima Storia.

2009. June. “It’s a Surprise.”

Pulp Metal Magazine.

2015. Jul. “Stealing Posies.”

2011. Jun. “Retribution and ‘Righteous' Anger.”

2011. May. “Calico Mirabelle.”

2011. Feb. “Precipice.”

2011. Jan. “The Milkmaid's Prayer.”

2010. Dec. “Erudition After Causality.”

Rampallian, The.

2013. Mar. “Emily Writes.”48-53.

Ranfurly Review, The.

2009. Sep. “Deveining.” 56-57.

Raphael’s Village.

2013. Nov. “The Chickweed or the Egg.”

2013. Jun. “Dumpster Blues.”

2012. Aug. “Dratted Cat.”

2012. Jan. “No Cause to Remain.”

2011. Nov. “Tournament.”

2011. Sep. “Benji's Mask.”

2010. Oct. “The Clever Neighbor.”

2009. Sep. “Mudpies and Snowballs for Thursday Juneberry.”


2019. Jul. “Sea Glass” and “Jase and the Sister of the Two Blue Dragons.”

2019. Feb. “A View with a Room,” and “Seeking.”

2017. Jan. “Ring-a-Round the Birthday” and “Marvelous Millions' Associate, Thug Thousands.”

2016. Jun. “Knife-Edge.”

Scrambler, The.

2010. May. “Augmentation.”

2010. Mar. “Sugar Ants.”

Shine Journal, The.

2014. Dec. “Raising Literary Critics in Vain.”

2009. May. “Simple Combinations.”

Short Story Library.

2009. May. “An Excessive Number of Cases in the Children’s Institute.”

Silver of Stone.

2016. Apr. “A Little Poisoned.”

SMITH Magazine, Six Word Memoirs.

2008. Dec. “After Tshuva.”


2011. Oct. “Inviting in the Cat,” “Parsimony Plagued Racheli,” “From the Diary of a Sleep-Disordered Undercover Agent,” “Booting the Baby's Buggy,” and “Insufficient Acquiescence.” 38-40.

Soft Whispers Magazine.

2009. Nov. “Taming Zebras.” 16-17.

2020. Nov. “Fecundty” and “Do Good or Feel Good.

2021. Feb. “The Pearl Stringer’s Mother

2020. Sep. “Owmapow and the Unsolicited Request” and “The Bearded Lady and the Garbage Truck Driver.”

2020. Jun. “Kaorog's Companion.”

2019. Oct. “Cultivar” and “Summer of 1971.”

2016. Dec. “Trust.”

2016. Sep. “Leftovers.”

2016. Jun. “Yoheved's Celeration” and “Not Noticed.”

2016. Mar. “Geraniums” and “The Ballad of Jeremy One Sock.”

Spirit's Tincture.

2016. Aug. “And Tentacles.”

Stanley the Whale

2011. Sep. “Replacement Parts.”

Stanley the Whale Classic: With a Twist Edition.

2014. Feb. “Replacement Parts.” Rpt. from Stanley the Whale. Sep. 2011.

Static Movement.

2009. Nov. “The Crystalline Chanticleer.”

2009. May. “Mentally Incarcerated and Otherwise Locked Up.”

2008. Dec. “Female Troubles.”

2008. Nov. “The Inheritance of the Meek.”

Strange, Weird and Wonderful.

2009. Jun. “To Pursue a Criminal.” 79-80.

Sterling Magazine.

2012. Nov. “Mail Order Bride.” 39-43.

Stray Branch.The

2011. Mar. “Avoiding Squirrel Pellets.”

Symphonie's Gift.

2011. Jan. “Early En Route to the Campus Revival.”

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction.

2009. Oct. “One Case of Flash.” 30:47-49.

Thrice Fiction Magazine.

2012. Dec. “A Dearth of Exploitation in Southwark.”

Tuesday Shorts.

2009. Mar. “Chess and Clarabelle.”

2008. Nov. “Therapy’s Over.”

2008. Jun. “Middle Eastern Transport.”

Unlikely Stories 2.0.

2009. Nov. “Goldie’s Lie Over.”

Used Gravitrons.

2011. Jul. “Witches, Wizards and Watches.” 13-14.

Wamack: A Journal of the Arts.

2009. Apr. “Pattern Recognition.”


2011. Sep. “Finer Reclamations.”

2011. Apr. “The Guard.”

2011. Mar. “A Worse Life than She Remembered.”

2011. Feb. “A Numinous Respite for a Simple Ballet Student.”

2010. Dec. “Kelev Liked to Suck the Marrow Best.”

2010. Sep. “Lead Poisoning.”

Why Vandalism.

2010. Oct. “A Fool, Albeit.”


2022. Dec. “Irregular Accounts of Self.”

2022. Nov. “Aliyah Turning Point,” “Hard Copy,” and “Many Generations.”

2022. Oct. “Dire Acts.”

2022. Sep. “Skunk and Zebra” and “Give a Poet a Box.”

2022. Aug. “Emmet.”

2022. Jul. “Deigning to be a Generalist.”

2022. Jun. “Misophonia.”

2022. May. “Far from the White Pass & Yukon Route.”

2022. Apr. “Baby Addison.”

2022. Mar. “Everyone’s a Chemist.”

2021. Dec. “Dreaming of a Man, a Dachshund, and a Motorcycle.”

2021. Nov. “Predators’ Allies.”

2021. Sep. “Fluffy vs. The Hummingbird.”

2021. Aug. “The Hero Code.”

2021. Jul. “Welcome to the Moon.”

2021. Jun. “Awful Aim.”

2021. May. “The Peeler” and “Salutogenesis.”

2021. Feb. “And Then There were Three”.

2020. Oct. “The Vfw Dance Studio.”

2020. Sep. “Looks like a Ten, Plays like a Seven.”

2020. Aug. “Withersmith's World.

2020. Jul. “Color, Texture, and Protection.

2020. Jun. “A Different Hue” and “The Impossible Award for Dee-Dee.”

2020. May. “The Plight of Murices.”

2020. Jan. “FOMO.”

2019. Dec. “Purple Cat.”

2019. Oct. “Scurryfunge.”

2019. Sep. “Tête-bêche.”

2019. Jun. “Sugar, Spice, Earthworms, and Entrails.”

2019. May. “The Dillion Sisters.”

2019. Feb. “Public Mail Collection Boxes and the Necessity of Compassion.”

2019. Jan. “Marybeth's Predicament.”

2018. Oct. “The Whiteness of Sheets.”

2018. Aug. “A Time of No Redemption.”

2018. May. “Familiarities.”

2018. Apr. “Just Three, 1957.”

2018. Jan. “Beggar King.”

2017. Dec. “Fences and Neighbors.”

2017. Oct. “Genetic Drift.”

2017. Sep. “Redwing.”

2017. May. “Rabbit's Foot.”

2017. Mar. “Common Halloween Tricks.”

2017. Feb. “Serendipity.”

2017. Jan. “Didn't Kill 'em: A Musical Confession.”

2016. Oct. “Paragraphs Trump Pizza.”

2016. Aug. “Snack Attack.”

2016. Jun. “Again, On an Egged Bus.”

2016. May. “Agent 5764's Soured Mission.”

2016. Feb. “Many, Many Hedgehogs, Maybe Gumdrops.”

2016. Jan. “A 1970's Middle Schooler's Day.”

2015. Dec. “Jagger.”

2015. Nov. “Taha and Albuquerque.”

2015. Oct. “Beholden Beauty.”

2015. Aug. “Nice Car.”

2015. Jul. “New Heights.”

2015. Mar. “Dalliance on an Egged Bus.”

2014. Dec. “Their Aquarium Full of Millipedes.”

2014. Oct. “They Planted a Tree.”

2014. Jul. “Harmatton.”

2014. Mar. “Fancy Tea, Fancy Box.”

2013. Dec. “Ode to a Cockroach.”

2013. Oct. “The Lemur Cage.”

2013. Jun. “A Few Indiscretions at Hampshire House.”

2013. Apr. “Rogue”.

2013. Jan. “Two Salutory Tales.”

2012. Oct. “Here's a Check.”

2012. Aug. “He Eats Anything,” “Mini Might,” “The Koala Bear's Dilemma,” and “Sudden Exposure.”

2012. Jun. “An Investigation's Gestation.”

2012. Mar. “To Disinter.”

2012. Jan. “A Grande Faux Pas.”

2011. Aug. “King for a Day.”

2011. Jul. “From the Bronx, or, at Least from Amherst.”

2010. Sep. “Proceeding to High Character: Exoneration among the Tea Bags.”

2010. Jul. “Elluvium, not Alluvium.”

2010. Jun. “In the Thick of Home Birth.”

2010. May. “Self-Conceit and the Befriending of a Chimera: Three Perspectives.”

2010. Mar. “The Prostitute’s Diet.”

2009. Dec. “The Yellow Girl.”

2009. Nov. “Something More for the Fireplace.”

2009. Oct. “Wine Cellar Confederates.”

2009. Sep. “Buffaloberry and the Spacer.”

2008. Dec. “The Misguided Traveler.”

With Painted Words.

2010. Jun. “Vigilance and Library Days.”

Word Catalyst.

2009. May. “Dor L’Dor: A Grandmother’s Reflections.”

2008. Dec. “Another Store.”

Yellow Chair Review.

2015. Oct. “Numbers Station.”

Yellow Mama.

2022. Aug. “Alive Another Day.”

2020. Aug. “Absinthe for Aliens.”

2020. Jun. “Isabelle.”

2019. Aug. “Transitory Unease.”

2019. Jun. “Boxing Day.”

2018. Aug. “The One and Only Alexa Kalekar.


2009. Dec. “Amidst Oranges.”