A Bank Robber's Bad Luck ...

A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend
December 2011. Buy it here.
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Songbirds are entertaining. Roses smell nice. Most passion, however, resolves as cacophonous and stinky. In A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend, this mess, to which love often gets reduced, is poked at, is prodded a lot, and is eventually pushed over. Whereas money might buy all manners of dalliance, and fame might catapult a person past social mores, a good, strong kick, such as is offered in A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend, can most successfully level the difference between interpersonal "decency" and liaisons' impropriety.

To wit, A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend employs a mixture of contemporary and traditional forms, including ae freislighae, ballad, cyrch a chutas, and free verse, as it proffers the tang of real or imagined, but almost always piquant, romantic life. First love, serial marriages, fidelity, adultery, crushes, callous calculations, and much more are explicated in this collection's unabashed adjudication of relationships.

Concurrently tough, sassy, and hopeful, this book strives to press up against soft concepts of intimate associations. Articulated regrets, muted longings, and rudimentary joy all slide among these pages. From the initial poem, "A Bankrobber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend," to the concluding verse, "Hurt is to Healing," this volume gives readers images and language with which to wrestle with affection's important, awkward and contested moments.

Whereas you might be tempted to forgo all further human experiments in favor of cloistering yourself with an imaginary hedgehog or whereas you might find it easier to pretend that all is right with your current situation than to redefine your personal boundaries, allow A Bank Robber's Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend to help you own your volitions. It might be imprudent to act otherwise.

Introduction: A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend

1. Hope
1.1 Special Dance
1.2 Engineering Wizards' Best and Last (Interstate Enchantment)
1.3 Greyhound Buses Race Love
1.4 Friendsake
1.5 Michael's Mnemonics: Restimulating RAMS before Finals
1.6 Clandestine Typewriter Message
1.7 Your Tongue Quicks Me
1.8 Fraternity Pin
1.9 C’est L’amour, N’est Pas?
1.10 Goldy and the Bear: A Modern Cyrch A Chuta for Two Brain-Fried Nerds
1.11 A Midsummer Alcaics
1.12 Apple
1.13 A Young Coed's Argonaut-Inspired Springtime Fancy
1.14 Joining
1.15 Gibbous Shoats and Other of Ardor’s Follies
1.16 My Boyfriend Coughs up Platitudes

2. Hurt
2.1 Heart’s Cry Bed: Recalibrating for the New Semester
2.2 Goldfish Hangover
2.3 Trumpeters, Drummers, Dancers, plus Elephants: Princes’ Promises
2.4 Poisoning via Toothbrush
2.5 An Ae Freislighe: How to Get Your Girlfriend Pregnant
2.6 Graphic, Animated Features
2.7 Crocodile Tears
2.8 Christina Rosetta's "Birthday" to a Satirical Beat
2.9 Stained Sheets
2.11 Trees at Sunset
2.10 Simple Arithmetic
2.12 Sentiment’s Chowder
2.13 While the Dew Coughed
2.14 Quinoa in my Keyboard and Other Traces of Fantasy
2.15 Small Payment for a Protracted Span
2.16 Deviating under Starlight: Whispers of Divestment

3. Highways
3.1 Decided
3.2 Colluvium
3.3 My Chemistry Class
3.4 Droving Last Year’s Love
3.5 Fire Song
3.6 Your Knees All over the Internet
3.7 Ephemerids
3.8 His Mistresses’ Grandeur astride Common Sense
3.9 Pausing from Eating Shelducks
3.10 Some Cowboys
3.11 Among Bungalows
3.12 When Lowing Wisents Agitate
3.13 Reciprocity
3.14 Three Pillows
3.15 Ready to Synchronize
3.16 Emotional Kerfuffles: Second Unions

Conclusion: Hurt is to Healing
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